Gastritis, Ulcers, And Gastric Disease


So you’re digesting poorly, are experiencing chest pains, feeling excruciating, sharp abdominal pain, having trouble breathing (which is making you think you have asthma), and heartburn?  Are you always nauseous and sometimes vomit with blood?  Do you feel irritable bowel discomforts along with bitter acid bile reflux that rises in the throat?  Do you vomit sometimes a coffee-ground like substance?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you could be suffering with a gastric disease; most commonly today gastric diseases such as Gastritis, Gastric Ulcers, and Gastroenteritis.

These ulcerative disorders of the G.I.  (gastrointestinal) tract come about when certain enzymes and stomach acids damage the lining of the G.I. tract if the protective agents of your body aren’t doing a good job of just that, protecting you.

What are the causes and what puts you at risk for Gastric Diseases?

The main cause is overeating, eating much too quickly, and much too often in a day.  Foods that cause these challenges include: fatty, fried foods, sweets and sugary foods, and hot, spicy foods. Other foods and habits that are implicated are eating an excessive amount of refined foods, white flour, baked goods that feed Candida yeast overgrowth, too much alcohol, coffee, using steroid drugs and NSAIDS, food allergies, and H. (Helicobacter) pylori bacteria infection.  Specific foods I additionally recommend patients eliminate from their diet also include pork, beef, and raw fish and seafoods.

And if you have parasites, intestinal parasites, you are at an absolute risk; the highest risk. A staggering close to 90% of people in the US have had parasites at some point in their lives.

Taking a holistic approach is the way to overcome and heal from these diseases. Click each link below to access more information, and use the following combination of herbal therapy supplements that have proven with my own patients and clients to rebuild the stomach lining, normalize digestive function, and eliminate parasite infection:






If you are interested in learning more about parasite infestation, read my article ‘Are You A Host To Parasites?‘ by clicking here.

Eliminate the foods mentioned in this article that cause and aggravate these gastric diseases.  Use the above herbal therapy combination for 90 days to heal, and be able to enjoy food, healthy food, again…!

Are You Retaining Water? What To Do About Edema…


Water retention, edema, bloating.  Uncomfortable health challenges that much too many people suffer with.  But what exactly constitutes water retention?  When one has too much fluid that has accumulated in body cavities and tissues, we must understand this is the body’s cry for help from a problem of imbalances and not enough water.  If we do not feed the body enough water, it tries to compensate by retaining fluid causing these levels to go out of balance.

What are some other health issues related to water retention/edema? Liver problems, kidney problems, circulation, blood pressure, pre-menstrual issues, and pregnancy problems.  All these are associated.

How do you know if your symptoms are caused from retaining water?  If you have and feel swollen ankles, feet and hands, and your belly feels as if it is bulging (also caused from wearing tight clothing) then you could be retaining water. If you see a significant shift in the way your clothing fits one day, then very tight and fitted the next, head feels heavy and achy, then your bloating is probably hormone induced also related to menopausal changes or PMS (most definitely if suffering from estrogen dominance).  Constipation, lack of exercise, allergy symptoms, and even weather and climate changes can have an impact on water retention.

So what are the causes of holding on to so much fluid?  Serious dieting and weight control can cause one to remove foods from the diet that provided the body with natural water.  Diet imbalances are direct causes if they are ones that include red meat, too much salty food, MSG, not enough B complex vitamins, potassium, and most definitely water retention will occur is  you have a diet with not enough protein.  You could also be suffering with dehydration.  Pharmaceutical diuretics, birth control pills, alcohol, and steroidal drugs all cause dehydration.

If you are suffering with chronic edema, consider circulatory problems (such as spider veins and varicose veins), kidney, bladder and liver challenges.  Natural herbal therapies are known to balance metabolism and body chemistry to correct the challenge rather than just helping the body to release fluids.

If your water retention stems from Kidney/Bladder challenges then consider there is an emotion root cause.  Kidney issues also stem from harboring specific negative emotions. The two main emotions that affect the Kidneys are:

  • Fear (TCM – Traditional Chinese Medicine)
  • Unresolved Forgiveness (Holistic Medicine)

Understand please, Family and Friends, that holding on to and harboring these emotions of Fear and Unresolved Forgiveness is to surely weaken the kidneys and eventually one will begin to experience physical signs of kidney problems.  If you know you are holding on to these very emotions, the good news is, strengthening and balancing the kidneys helps you in turn feel strong enough to let go of these emotions.

12 Physical signs of Kidney problems:

  • lines under the eyes
  • purple, deep, dark circles under the eyes
  • puffy eyes
  • fluid retention
  • constant lower back pain
  • frequent, painful urination
  • weak bones (TCM)
  • fatigue specifically between 3pm and 7pm
  • fevers, chills, trembling
  • high blood pressure
  • a dull constant ache in the lower back may indicate kidney stones
  • ear problems, hearing loss, chronic ear infections (in adults and children)

A diet that is mainly vegetarian, low in starch and high in plant based-protein is best to prevent water retention. Dark green vegetables and fruits like lemons, limes, and grapefruits are foods that alkaline the body and help as well.

Eliminate the following: fried foods, salty and sugary foods, caffeine foods, and carbonated beverages which impede the kidney from filtering waste. Avoid dairy foods, starches, fats and heavy grains since these cause clogging and mucous.

Use the following combined for flushing support, to normalize and balance the whole body and the most vital organs from a Chinese medicine perspective, and increase kidney activity:


Enlarged Prostate, Vasectomy, And Prostate Cancer


The American Cancer Society estimates the following latest statistics about prostate cancer  in the United States for 2016:

  • About 180,890 new cases of prostate cancer
  • About 26,120 deaths from prostate cancer

And did you know that other than skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common cancer in American men?  It is estimated 1 in 7 men will be diagnosed with Prostate Cancer during his lifetime…


Prostate problems are affecting men at younger and younger ages.  Unfortunately, today these disorders are now being suffered by men beginning after about age 35.  And some of the easiest ways to prevent prostate problems are by exercising regularly and avoiding chemical antihistamines which impair prostate function and impair the liver with overuse.

So, Gentlemen, if these disorders begin at such a young age, how old do you think you will be by the time 50% of you have an enlarged prostate? Between ages 51 and 60.  And by age 80, well over 90% will have an enlarged prostate. Of course, once again, this can be prevented.

What are the main causes of prostate enlargement?

  1. A diet with too little fiber
  2. A high fat diet
  3. Too much caffeine
  4. Too much alcohol
  5. Imbalanced hormones such as altered testosterone levels and elevated estrogen levels due to prostaglandin and essential fatty acid depletion
  6. Lack of exercise
  7. An overloaded and exhausted lymphatic system, usually due to overuse of medications

When the prostate is inflamed, enlarged, sexual intercourse is not recommended since it will irritate the prostate further and delay recovery.  Delay sexual intercourse until the inflammation is alleviated.


And what if you are thinking about, or have had a Vasectomy?  Studies have shown that a man must think through his decision before having a vasectomy. There is a larger risk of cancer of the prostate in vasectomized men. Why, do you ask? Sperm builds up due to the sealed off vas deferens. With this build up, the body reabsorbs the sperm and the body is prone to having an autoimmune response to its own tissue. Since the testicles are known as a very powerful energy focal point in a man’s life force, when something interferes with the free flowing movement of sperm, this means energy is blocked and not flowing as it should either. Eventually this results in degeneration. Stagnation, if you will.

Think twice before performing this procedure.  You will be preventing disease and a number of other undesirable side effects, and, your body will love you for it and will perform better sexually.

The liver is also affected from a vasectomy by causing blockage that leads to built up anger and irritability, the emotion related to an ill liver, and also leads to an inflamed prostate, abdominal pain, and sciatica or leg cramps.

Natural herbal therapy solutions?

Chinese herbs are the best at balancing us emotionally and physically.  Western herbs just don’t do it the same.  That is way, because internal energy balance is a necessary focus when helping the body overcome these types of male reproductive system challenges, I recommend Chinese herbs, whether negative (yin) formulas or positive (yang) formulas.

The liver is the filter of hormones.  And since the liver regenerates every 90 days, and hormone levels are crucial to prostate health, use the following combination to prevent and help the body heal from prostate inflammation, balance hormones, and elevate mood:




If you have had a vasectomy, have a presence of abnormal cells, even benign cells, or prostate cancer is present, negative Yin Chinese herbs are best to help the body overcome these challenges with also, great success.  I recommend the following combination therapy program for minimum 3-6 months to help the body fight abnormal cells:




Return to an active vibrant sex life with vitality, vigor and health…

Be well and be healthy, Gentlemen!



I Love This Herb For Women And Men ~


Ah, yes… Damiana.  This is a leaf I love and recommend for All.  Damiana herb was first introduced in the USA in 1874, and has a long history of use in the folk medicine.  Scientifically called ‘Turnera diffusa, T. aphrodisiaca’, Damiana is known world-wide as a tonic that lifts one’s mood, enhances vitality, and is known to have aphrodisiac qualities that stimulate libido, for sexual health in general, and for increasing sex drive and sexual desire in Women and Men, including supporting sexual performance and sexual energy.

The part used is the leaf.  It is also known as a diuretic, for its hypoglycemic properties, its antibacterial properties; is widely used as a nerve tonic as it helps with nervous exhaustion so one can cope with stresses better; a mild natural antidepressant for mild depression.


Ancient Mayas and Aztecs used Damiana as a general tonic to improve health condition. When used on a regular basis, Damiana will help to improve mental stamina and mood. As a sexual tonic, it is a gentle acting remedy that can be taken safely always to enhance libido because it supports the glandular system.

It is interesting to note, however, that boosting sexual desire is not the only property of Damiana.  Native tribes also are known to use it to treat constipation and digestive problems, as well as gastric ulcers, menstrual irregularities, and bed-wetting in children and adults.  Damiana is a precious medicinal plant that I believe all can benefit from. ~

I recommend Damiana in a single herb formula, or have made sure it is a key ingredient in certain herbal formulas I recommend to patients and clients. Click the link below to obtain this exquisite herb and for more information:


Herpes. Do You Know Everything You Need To Know?

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are way too common. And did you know that every year, as reported in the Huffington Post, 19 MILLION NEW CASES are reported in the US alone?  With time, STDs can cause you to become infertile or develop cancer of the reproductive system if nothing is done to treat them.

And as far as STD’s go, one of the most common is HERPES.  Herpes is scary.  Over 80% of the population that has it is unaware of it. And the infection can spread from person to person even without feeling any of the typical symptoms, or seeing any visible symptoms. But some people have figured out, regardless of what conventional chemical medicine says, that if you feed the body what it is missing, it can fight against viral invasion.

Before we talk about how to fight herpes, here are the latest 2012 Herpes statistics.  All statistics below are based on Americans 14-49 years old:

  • All: 16.2% (over 25 million; 1 out of 6) have genital herpes
  • (Note: 80% of all Americans have oral herpes)
  • Women: 20.9% of women have genital herpes
  • Men: 11.5% of men have genital herpes
  • Blacks: 39.2% of black Americans have genital herpes (48% of black women!)
  • Whites: 12.3% of white Americans have genital herpes
  • 80% of Americans with genital herpes (HSV-2) are unaware of their infection (which is why it’s important for everyone to specifically request the herpes blood test with their STD screening) . There is a definitive test called the IgG that looks for antibodies in the blood that would be present to specifically combat the herpes virus. This test can tell you which type of herpes you have, whether HSV1 or HSV2.  Either can show up on either the lips or genitalia, but 1 prefers oral and 2 prefers the genitals.
  • Up to 50% of new genital herpes infections are caused by HSV-1, mainly through cases of oral herpes being passed through oral sex

So how many types of Herpes are there?  There are two types of herpes, HSV 1 and HSV 2. But they’re just two strains to the same herpes virus. One strain has no stigma whatsoever and the other has entirely too much.

Oral herpes is known as the following:

mouth sores, “cold sores” or mouth herpes

  • HSV1 (or HSV-1)
  • Herpes simplex virus 1
  • Herpes type 1
  • Herpes A

Oral herpes/mouth sores is known as the common cold sore.  They are caused by HSV1 virus and are extremely contagious.   You can become infected by sharing eating utensils, kissing, towels, and drinking glasses.  80% of Americans have oral herpes, so there’s a clear lack of stigma.  HSV1 prefers to be in the drier mucous membrane of the outer mouth.  Mouth sores will show up about 20 days after the person has been exposed, and they show up as a series of red, pus-filled, painful bumps on the chin, nose or lips.  There is usually a sore also in the inside of the mouth.  Fevers and flu like symptoms that accompany the sores or bumps are not unusual.   The symptoms last about 2 weeks, the first week of oozing and severe pain, followed by a week where a scab forms and eventually falls off.  It can still show up on the genitals (if oral sex is given during an outbreak, for example).

After a fever or illness,  fever blisters or canker sores occur and are usually triggered by specific food allergies.  Food that cause these are high in gluten and arginine.  Iron and B-vitamin deficiencies are causes as well, and even toothpaste with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.  These blisters and sores appear on the gums, inside the cheeks, or on the tongue and are grayish or yellowish.  Women experience canker sores most often because of PMS and hormonal imbalances.  Emotional stress and Crohn’s disease, from nutrient deficiency,  can also be causes.

Genital herpes is known as the following:

  • penis herpes or vagina herpes
  • HSV2 (or HSV-2)
  • Herpes simplex virus 2
  • Herpes type 2
  • Herpes B

Genital herpes has way too much stigma. 16% of Americans have genital herpes (1 out of 6). What shows up on people’s lips without a stigma is the same that shows up on the genitals with a stigma. Genital herpes can show up on the mouth, but is much less likely because HSV2 prefers to be in the warm, moist environment of the genitals.

This is the most widespread of all STD’s.  Even at birth, babies can pick up the virus risking blindness, brain damage, and even death.  Men tend to be more susceptible to recurrences than women, although studies show women are more likely to be infected.  Transmission is done through oral sex, intercourse, kissing, and even skin discharges.   What are outbreak triggers?  Poor diet (usually from excess levels of arginine in the body), food allergies, emotional anxiety, alcohol, drugs, sunburn, hormonal imbalances related to the menstrual cycle, a cold, and fever.

The first herpes outbreak is usually the worst most potent one.  Fever tends to set in accompanied by swollen glands.  All this because the immune system is rallying to fight the infection.  Sores, sometimes clear-fluid filled, or clusters of painful blisters above the buttocks, on buttocks, thighs and groin are accompanied by more fever, stiff neck, and headache, and swelling of groin lymph glands.  Patients describe feelings of also genital itch, the blisters of sores fester and swell, and shooting pains go through the legs and thighs.  Blisters burst or rupture in 1-4 days, then tend to slowly heal in 4-6 days.

I’m known to be blunt and direct.  And although some are not happy that I am so vocal about educating you in your options, please know I will always do everything in my power to do so.  Now, having said that.  Without being too technical with medical terminology, let’s use common sense…

I’ll ask this question:  Do you know anyone who has had the flu forever?  Well, do you?   Simply put, No.  Think about it.   Influenza (the flu) is a virus.   HPV (human papilloma virus)  is a virus.  And Herpes is a virus.  I believe I’ve made my point.  Just because there is no chemical pharmaceutical drug developed that cures the body of the herpes viruses, doesn’t mean something else can’t exist that can help the body heal itself from it.

Naturopathic Doctors/Holistic Practitioners, as myself, have, for quite some time now, used the following with patients and clients to help their bodies fight against viral presence.  In my years of naturopathic and holistic studies, this was passed on to me by my mentors:


SILVER SHIELD (15 bottles total)

SILVER SHIELD GEL (to apply externally to affected areas)


ST. JOHN’S WORT Time Release



Use all the supplements above combined for minimum 3-6 months.  Check your HSV1 and HSV2 blood test results and index numbers every 3 months until results show negative.  During this process, with a healthy whole food diet, reduced stress levels, and obviously WITHOUT re-exposing yourself to unprotected sex with a partner who has Herpes, as the body fights against viral presence there is a decrease in index numbers with each blood test.  Everyone is obviously different.  And the length of time needed to help the body fight against this virus is unique to each person.  Yet, the average time frame we have seen ranges from 3 months minimum to a maximum of 18 months for blood tests to show simply ‘exposure to’ HSV or negative for HSV.  Now, for a disease that so many have been living with for a long time, in many cases for years, I believe these few months of treatment are not long at all.   And yes. You do obtain a normal life again…

The body knows how to heal itself.   We just have to feed it what it is missing to do so.

To listen to one of my latest discussions on The Michael Baisden Show, ‘Natural Therapies for STD’s (Sexually Transmitted Diseases), click the You Tube Michael Baisden Show Rewind below!

Be Well, Family and Friends.

~Dr. Julissa

Gallstones: Can You Digest Cleanly?

Newly updated September 19, 2016.

Our gallbladder helps us digest fats by producing bile.  Eating an excess of fatty and fried foods causes bile fluids to become saturated with cholesterol, the cholesterol converts into solid crystals, then accumulates into the ever common gallstones.  The pain at times is so severe it feels like a heart attack in progress. Over 20 million Americans have gallstones.  The option of recommending surgical removal of the gallbladder is common, but there is a price.  The liver suffers when there is a removal of its ‘best friend’ the gallbladder, and in turn also becomes overloaded.

The three main reasons why we are not digesting cleanly are:

1-food allergies (because they affect our ability to digest),

2-parasite infections (they lead to calcium composition stones),

3-lack of exercise (causes digestive activity to become sluggish).

Holistic medicine teaches that the emotion that effects the gallbladder is unresolved Anger. Gallstones do not develop overnight… Gallstones take time to develop, and so this tells us they are associated with an ‘accumulation’ and ‘buildup’ of Anger over an extended period of time. Apart from the three main reasons mentioned above which are known to be the main causes of gallstones, holding on to unresolved anger weakens the gallbladder making its function sluggish. Look within yourself if you suffer with this challenge. Work to overcome these negative thought feeling-emotions, let go, and take steps to feed your body what it is missing to begin a healing process.

To help the body expel gallstones safely, almost painlessly, and help balance emotions with chinese medicine, use the following natural therapy program I have recommended with outstanding results to patients and clients for over 21 years:




Use this program for at least 30-60 days. You will have 2-3 mild bowel movements per day and will notice dark green stones or black stones eliminated in the stool.

Eliminate the following from your diet: pork, red meat, chicken, turkey, carbonated beverages, coffee, ice teas, and chocolate.  Reduce sugars and white refined flours.

Enjoy a cleaner digestive system. Enjoy life as a healthier You, emotionally, and physically. ~

What we all need to do more of… 

#BeLove 💓🙏

🌎 Este cerca o lejos, y a pesar de todo, Sea Amor. ~Dra. Julissa 💓🙏

Men’s Health, Sperm Production, & Laptops…

#MensHealth, #SpermProduction, #Laptops, & #Fertility. A #quote from my #newbook, ‘The #NaturopathicApproachToFertility’, Chapter 9 – Lifestyle Practices That Affect Fertility, pg 118:

“As for those who work with computers, another recent study warned young men to limit the time they use laptops on their laps after tests showed the heat from the battery might impair sperm production. Research also indicates that men who balance their laptops on their laps risk infertility problems because of the combination of pressing their legs together, which constricts the scrotum, and the heat from the laptop, which raises its temperature. One study found that after sitting with a computer in their laps for 15 minutes, men’s scrotal temperatures had risen 1.8 degrees, and 2.8 degrees after an hour. It is not known whether the effects of the exposure would cause permanent damage, but the study recommended that men keep laptops off their laps to avoid the potential for “irreversible changes.””

Learn more. Click the following link to get your copy today on Amazon. com Books:


The Same Line…

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🌎 La vida y la muerte son él mismo hilo, la misma linea vista de diferentes lados. #LaManera

Sex, Chinese Medicine, & Fertility

#Sex, #ChineseMedicine, and #Fertility in Men and Women. A #quote from my new book, ‘The Naturopathic Approach To Fertility’, Chapter 11, pg 136:

“Let us now discuss sex. Sex should be thought of as a beautiful, exquisite, natural function; Chinese medicine labels it “as natural as clouds and rain.” So, what positions increase your likelihood of conception? Let’s be blunt: this is just as important as having intercourse the right time of the month to become pregnant.”

Chinese Medicine also teaches some of the best times of the day to have sex for heightened pleasure, and also, to enhance fertility. This is something I discuss in great depth in Chapter 11. Whether you are a couple trying to conceive, or a couple that wants to grow closer, intimately, sensually and sexually, let my book, my labor of love, be your guide to also achieving healthy reproductive systems and bodies.

Click the following link to get your copy today on Amazon. com Books:


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In Need Right Now…

A magnificent slingshot of #Love… 💓 

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Service in Puerto Rico

😊 Overjoyed to have visited, Friday, Sept 16, 2016, in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, the children’s center for low income families, @Casa Juan Bosco; )

This center run by nuns and director, Sister Lourdes, is an after school program for children ages 4 through 16 years of age. Here they offer tutoring, a full library, computers, a playground, and dinner for the children between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. after their school day, Monday through Thursday. The program is meant to keep children off the street after school and to assure they eat dinner since their families many times can not afford more than one meal per day… The joy I felt from the hearts of these beautiful Sisters was remarkable~ I was so very happy to bring a large donation of clothing and shoes to the children;)

Share the love with me and donate here💗: 

Bank: Banco Popular

Casa Juan Bosco, Inc.

Routing # 021502011

Account # 081073399

Marijuana and Fertility…

Men, did you know #Marijuana causes #fertility and #sexual problems?

A #quote from my new book, ‘The Naturopathic Approach To Fertility’:

“Marijuana causes… problems of the pituitary and/or hypothalamus glands in the brain. 

Marijuana affects a variety of hormones that are regulated by the hypothalamus. We know that hormonal balance is extremely important to fertility. Hormones secreted by the pituitary gland are of major importance to reproduction in the male.

Marijuana affects this gland as well. It is an important fact for men to know, especially any men who enjoy “getting stoned” and believe smoking marijuana is harmless. In a major study conducted on laboratory animals such as rats, mice, and monkeys, chronic exposure to marijuana and the various cannabinoids it contains was shown to affect the function of the reproductive organs.”

Learn more and order your copy via Barnes & Noble, B&N. com here:

The Naturopathic Approach to Fertility by

Dr. Julissa Hernandez, ND, CNHP | Paperback |


A Journey Towards Self Love~

A fan from my 9 years as the resident Naturopathic Doctor of the nationally syndicated radio show, The @Michael Baisden Show, was overjoyed to meet for the first time @Simonia Robest as one of my new patients today; ) Honored to take this healing journey with her as she finally focuses on self love… ~Dr. J 💓

🌎 Una fan de mis 9 años como Doctora Naturopata residente de él programa radial nacionalmente sindicado, Él @Michael Baisden Show, me sentí alegre de conocer por primera vez @Simonia Robest como una de mis nueva pacientes hoy; ) Honrada de tomar esta jornada de sanación con ella mientras se enfoca en amor propio… ~Dra. J 💓

New Book Release Today!

Book release today, September 13, 2016~

#Quote from my new book, ‘The Naturopathic Approach To Fertility’:

‘By embracing the naturopathic alternative to conception, you will learn how to avoid the emotional, physical, and financial burdens associated with conventional tactics and technologies. You’ll make the precious child you so wish for without increased risk of abnormalities. And you will do it without sacrificing intimacy, but instead will grow closer to each other embracing each other’s love for one another more deeply, and using this as a catalyst to making your very own tiny creation.’

And for those not wishing to conceive at the moment, allow my labor of love to be a tool that will guide you to growing closer together as a couple more intimately, sensually, and sexually, with truly healthy reproductive systems and optimum health. 💓

Order your copy at Barnes & Noble or Amazon Books~

The Naturopathic Approach to Fertility by

Dr. Julissa Hernandez, ND, CNHP | Paperback 

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Move Thy Feet

… And this goes for all steps towards what you desire to achieve in life in the Trinity of Love, Health, and Wealth…

🌎 No le pregunte a Dios que guíe tus pasos si no estas dispuesto a mover tus pies.

Y esto tiene que ver con todos los pasos hacia lo que deseas lograr en la vida un la Trinidad de Amo, Salud y Riqueza…