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Healthy Sex, Toxins, Sexual Lubricants, And Sex Toys

It’s natural to want to have a diverse and uninhibited sexual experience with your partner. And if that includes sex toys, so be it. But what most people don’t know is how to be safe from health risks with these intimacy enhancements.

According to the article, ‘When Sex Goes Toxic’, and we quote: ‘most sexual intimate toys and sexual lubricants are chock full of toxic ingredients like parabens, sodium benzoate, glycerin, petrochemicals and even propylene glycol — a common ingredient in brake fluid! Recent studies have also shown that many such products — especially (commercial) personal lubes — can seriously damage the cell lining, potentially enhancing our susceptibility to sexually-transmitted bags o’ fun like Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Syphilis, Genital Herpes, Hepatitis B and, of course, HIV.’ ‘According to market research firm Iri, Americans plunk down roughly $200 million annually on lube alone, a substance that sort of faces Food and Drug Administration scrutiny but not necessarily in the ways you might expect.

That’s because the FDA classifies lube as something “to lubricate a body orifice to facilitate entry of a diagnostic or therapeutic device.” (And if that doesn’t get you all hot and bothered nothing will.)’ ‘The problem with classifying lubricants this way, as a de facto medical device, is twofold. First, thanks to the glorious idiosyncrasies of language, such products only face FDA scrutiny if they explicitly portend to be “vaginal lubricants.” Such a stipulation imposes a stipulation that the manufacturer must submit a host of applications (called “510k clearances”) to the FDA. But it doesn’t necessarily mean it has to prove the product is safe for repeat contact.’ ‘Second, companies that don’t explicitly state their products are intended for vaginal lubrication — even if everybody knows they are — face barely any regulation at all. So, unless people’s junk starts spontaneously bursting into flames after rubbing on some Liquid Sexy Heat, most manufacturers just keep on peddling.’

And more from the article and what studies have shown: ‘From a toxicity perspective, we know that many intimate-use products currently on the market (most of which come from China, by way of Unregulatedville) contain a host of parabens. Parabens are known endocrine disruptors, and endocrine disruptors have, for some time, been linked to birth defects, reduced sperm count, tumors, immune deficiencies and a seemingly endless list of nasty business, like the “feminization of boys.”’ ‘Furthermore, while the U.S. lags behind regulating the toxins we come in contact with, the entire European Union is seeking to ban parabens in any product meant for children under 6 years old. Officials at the World Health Organization (WHO), meanwhile, have stated outright that endocrine disruptors can potentially lead to “obesity, infertility or reduced fertility, learning and memory difficulties, Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, as well as a variety of other diseases.”’ ‘“We don’t have categorical proof that the toxic substances found in (these products) will kill you,” admits Dr. Peter Anton, who recently co-authored an in-depth study on lubricant use. “But if you could easily avoid them why wouldn’t you?”‘

With that said, what healthy lubricant substances can one use to help lubricate sex toys without the risk of toxicity? And could there possibly be something that can work as preventative and treatment of STDs? Some people have found just that. SILVER SHIELD GEL is a gel derived from Aqua Sol Technology for recurrent daily use and has been shown to be an effective cleaning agent, promoting natural hydration and moisturizing the skin. It is non-toxic, poses no risk of contamination, is made with food-grade ingredients, and contains no alcohol. It is patented (patent no. 7,135,195) and to acquire such patent the studies proved its antimicrobial and antiviral properties. This gel is recommended by Naturopaths and Holistic practitioners in treatments of and prevention of STDs, and to treat and prevent other health challenges of the reproductive systems.  And it is a Vegan product!

For articles where this gel is recommended to help with challenges from Herpes to Yeast infections in Men and Women, click here. To obtain and learn more about SILVER SHIELD GEL click here. For more information on the US patent no. 7, 135, 195 click here. The best lubricant should be something that has no negative effects on the body, should act as a healthy treatment of the reproductive system each time it is used, and should help prevent disease. Finally, a lubricant has been developed that does just that. Yes, it is possible to have non-toxic sex with your partner utilizing intimacy enhancements that can be fun, help you both express yourself, and can create more of a bond and emotional connection.

Love, Be Safe, Healthy, and Enjoy!

For the video and article, ‘Detoxify And Cleanse To Survive A Toxic World’ click here.


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