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Are Your Lungs Trying To Tell You Something?

#Colds, #Allergies, Your #Lungs. The #Lancet states ‘the #commoncold and #influenza (#flu) are the most common syndromes of #infection in human beings.’ Is your body showing signs that it needs a lung and respiratory #cleanse?


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6 Questions to Ask Yourself To Know If You Need a Lung & Respiratory Cleanse




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Celebrating 22 Years Of Service~

It all began May 1, 1995. Now 22 years later, I am celebrating my acts of service to all of You~

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Cerebral Palsy

Out of every 1,000 children, 2 to 3 are diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. This very harsh disease is a brain-centered motor disorder that tends to occur most as a birth defect in premature babies of low birth weight.

Motor skills are impaired as a result of damage to the cerebrum from a lack of oxygen causing paralysis or from an injury.  Vision, hearing, communication and learning, are also impaired.

What children are at the highest risk?

  • Tiny premature babies
  • Babies whose mother were on addictive drugs (this causes low oxygen supply to the brain)
  • Babies who incurred brain injury during birth or from infections

Some causes of Cerebral Palsy?

  • Clogged motor control centers in the fetus’ brain
  • Measles in early pregnancy
  • Meningitis (inflammation of the spinal cord and brain, usually due to infection)
  • Encephalitis (inflammation of the brain usually due to infection)
  • Heavy metal poisoning
  • Herpes simplex

This is sadly a very severe disease… There is no control over voluntary muscles by children with CP. For this reason they experience jerking, abrupt, muscle contractions and convulsive, spastic seizures.

Astoundingly, children with CP tend to have above average intelligence! Unfortunately they suffer with speech impairments and drool due to muscle atrophy.

These children must eat healthy, organically grown food as much as possible. Dark green vegetables and leafy greens daily are recommended. Avoid protein from red meats, caffeine, fried foods, and canned foods, chemicalized foods and trans fats.

Chinese Medicine and herbal medicine have shown positive results in interceptive therapy by helping to repair and relax nerves, increase muscle coordination, calm the body of tension, and strengthen muscles to help in controlling spasms. Click each link below. Use the following herbal therapies combined:




Sciatica: Are You In Pain?

There are a number of people who are dealing with an excruciating pain that radiates from the lower back, runs down the buttocks and the back of the thighs into the leg, then calf and foot… This is called Sciatica; neuritis (inflammation of a nerve) of the sciatic nerve known as the largest nerve in our bodies.

What actually causes this pain? Compression of the sciatic nerve.

Associated with arthritis, those who suffer with Sciatica can experience sensitivity to touch and changes in weather.  Pharmaceutical drugs never cure the problem, however natural therapy treatments focus on removing the pressure on the nerve, whether through massage, acupuncture AND combined with nourishing the health of the nerves with foods and herbal therapies.

Causes of sciatica are among the following: an improper buttock injection, suffering with a dislocated disc(s), ruptured disc, or arthritis which then can cause compression of the sciatic nerve, exhausted adrenal and pituitary glands, and poor cartilage and bone development.  Not being active physically, not exercising AND wearing high heels too often and too long is one of the main causes for women.  Flat feet in men who also don’t exercise regularly are cause for complaints of sciatic nerve pain. Lack of calcium and protein in the diet, protein and calcium depletion, especially caused by a low intake of green vegetables is another common causative factor.

Do you think you have sciatica? Apart from the excruciating pain described here, many people also experience a burning sensation that may radiate down the back of the thigh and leg or even around the buttocks and hip.  The pain can be so debilitating that walking is difficult. Along with this pain can come a wasting away of muscles, muscle weakness, lower back pain, and stiffness caused by reduced reflex activity.

What to do? First, incorporate more minerals into the diet and eat green vegetables and green leafy salads everyday.  Start incorporating a protein shake or smoothie daily, preferably a vegetarian or vegan protein supplement, for example, a pea protein shake is ideal.

Eliminate refined sugars, refined flours, toxic caffeine foods and drinks (green tea, however, is recommended), and especially eliminate chocolate from the diet until symptoms disappear.

Use the following herbal therapy program combined to relieve nerve spasms, repair, strengthen and nourish nerves, and reduce nerve inflammation. Click on each link to obtain each, and for more detailed information:


Ovarian Cysts, Testicular Cysts, & the thought-emotion of Unconsciousness

Topic: #OvarianCysts, #TesticularCysts, and the thought-emotion of #Unconsciousness.

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Gastritis, Ulcers, And Gastric Disease


So you’re digesting poorly, are experiencing chest pains, feeling excruciating, sharp abdominal pain, having trouble breathing (which is making you think you have asthma), and heartburn?  Are you always nauseous and sometimes vomit with blood?  Do you feel irritable bowel discomforts along with bitter acid bile reflux that rises in the throat?  Do you vomit sometimes a coffee-ground like substance?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you could be suffering with a gastric disease; most commonly today gastric diseases such as Gastritis, Gastric Ulcers, and Gastroenteritis.

These ulcerative disorders of the G.I.  (gastrointestinal) tract come about when certain enzymes and stomach acids damage the lining of the G.I. tract if the protective agents of your body aren’t doing a good job of just that, protecting you.

What are the causes and what puts you at risk for Gastric Diseases?

The main cause is overeating, eating much too quickly, and much too often in a day.  Foods that cause these challenges include: fatty, fried foods, sweets and sugary foods, and hot, spicy foods. Other foods and habits that are implicated are eating an excessive amount of refined foods, white flour, baked goods that feed Candida yeast overgrowth, too much alcohol, coffee, using steroid drugs and NSAIDS, food allergies, and H. (Helicobacter) pylori bacteria infection.  Specific foods I additionally recommend patients eliminate from their diet also include pork, beef, and raw fish and seafoods.

And if you have parasites, intestinal parasites, you are at an absolute risk; the highest risk. A staggering close to 90% of people in the US have had parasites at some point in their lives.

Taking a holistic approach is the way to overcome and heal from these diseases. Click each link below to access more information, and use the following combination of herbal therapy supplements that have proven with my own patients and clients to rebuild the stomach lining, normalize digestive function, and eliminate parasite infection:






If you are interested in learning more about parasite infestation, read my article ‘Are You A Host To Parasites?‘ by clicking here.

Eliminate the foods mentioned in this article that cause and aggravate these gastric diseases.  Use the above herbal therapy combination for 90 days to heal, and be able to enjoy food, healthy food, again…!

Are You Retaining Water? What To Do About Edema…


Water retention, edema, bloating.  Uncomfortable health challenges that much too many people suffer with.  But what exactly constitutes water retention?  When one has too much fluid that has accumulated in body cavities and tissues, we must understand this is the body’s cry for help from a problem of imbalances and not enough water.  If we do not feed the body enough water, it tries to compensate by retaining fluid causing these levels to go out of balance.

What are some other health issues related to water retention/edema? Liver problems, kidney problems, circulation, blood pressure, pre-menstrual issues, and pregnancy problems.  All these are associated.

How do you know if your symptoms are caused from retaining water?  If you have and feel swollen ankles, feet and hands, and your belly feels as if it is bulging (also caused from wearing tight clothing) then you could be retaining water. If you see a significant shift in the way your clothing fits one day, then very tight and fitted the next, head feels heavy and achy, then your bloating is probably hormone induced also related to menopausal changes or PMS (most definitely if suffering from estrogen dominance).  Constipation, lack of exercise, allergy symptoms, and even weather and climate changes can have an impact on water retention.

So what are the causes of holding on to so much fluid?  Serious dieting and weight control can cause one to remove foods from the diet that provided the body with natural water.  Diet imbalances are direct causes if they are ones that include red meat, too much salty food, MSG, not enough B complex vitamins, potassium, and most definitely water retention will occur is  you have a diet with not enough protein.  You could also be suffering with dehydration.  Pharmaceutical diuretics, birth control pills, alcohol, and steroidal drugs all cause dehydration.

If you are suffering with chronic edema, consider circulatory problems (such as spider veins and varicose veins), kidney, bladder and liver challenges.  Natural herbal therapies are known to balance metabolism and body chemistry to correct the challenge rather than just helping the body to release fluids.

If your water retention stems from Kidney/Bladder challenges then consider there is an emotion root cause.  Kidney issues also stem from harboring specific negative emotions. The two main emotions that affect the Kidneys are:

  • Fear (TCM – Traditional Chinese Medicine)
  • Unresolved Forgiveness (Holistic Medicine)

Understand please, Family and Friends, that holding on to and harboring these emotions of Fear and Unresolved Forgiveness is to surely weaken the kidneys and eventually one will begin to experience physical signs of kidney problems.  If you know you are holding on to these very emotions, the good news is, strengthening and balancing the kidneys helps you in turn feel strong enough to let go of these emotions.

12 Physical signs of Kidney problems:

  • lines under the eyes
  • purple, deep, dark circles under the eyes
  • puffy eyes
  • fluid retention
  • constant lower back pain
  • frequent, painful urination
  • weak bones (TCM)
  • fatigue specifically between 3pm and 7pm
  • fevers, chills, trembling
  • high blood pressure
  • a dull constant ache in the lower back may indicate kidney stones
  • ear problems, hearing loss, chronic ear infections (in adults and children)

A diet that is mainly vegetarian, low in starch and high in plant based-protein is best to prevent water retention. Dark green vegetables and fruits like lemons, limes, and grapefruits are foods that alkaline the body and help as well.

Eliminate the following: fried foods, salty and sugary foods, caffeine foods, and carbonated beverages which impede the kidney from filtering waste. Avoid dairy foods, starches, fats and heavy grains since these cause clogging and mucous.

Use the following combined for flushing support, to normalize and balance the whole body and the most vital organs from a Chinese medicine perspective, and increase kidney activity:


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