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Another Precious Baby Is On The Way!

πŸ˜„πŸ™Œ Joyous news!!! Another #Baby is on the way! I feel overwhelming joy, honored and humbled to share the following message and beautiful photo we received today from #patient, Maria Helena Poveda: Hi Dr. Julissa,  Hope everything is well with … Continue reading

Kids WILL Eat Healthy If We Do! ~


πŸ™‚ Oh what joy it is to receive your messages, Friends!

@RebecaCalzada wrote recently: –

Dr. Julissa, my most sincere admiration for your work ethic. Thank you for each of your posts! The information you share regarding daily exercise and food choices is such a good reminder to keep myself on this path for the well-being of my family. A few weeks ago, I shared a quick reply on how my kids were so resistant to my food choices. Today was a huge milestone….. we were on some errands and my 3 kids were cranky and getting hungry. Not to mention that it feels like 103 degrees. I stopped at Salata, a salad bar, salad wrap restaurant. My 7 yr old would not go in the door. That was not his choice. So I told him he didn’t have to eat anything. As I got closer to the counter, he joined us, and decided he would choose his own salad toppings. Win! Win! I was so overjoyed! He even said he wanted to go back, because the salad was so cool and crunchy.  Dr. Julissa, please continue to inspire us!


My answer:

Oh @RebecaCalzada! How happy I am to see your message;) I am so honored by your words! And so happy for you also! Thank you for your kind words and keep being that amazing example for your children! You have made my day, Beautiful!-

~Dr. Julissa ❀

(Above is the picture she sent in of their salad that day;)))

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