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Suffering With PMS? What’s Really Going On?


PMS, Premenstrual Syndrome, is by far the most common women’s health / female’s health complaint. For some females, it disrupts their whole lives. The intricacies of a woman’s body are delicately tuned, and can become unbalanced or obstructed easily, causing pain, poor function and a disconcerting feeling of not feeling ‘together’ that often results in physiological and emotional problems, especially during the menstrual cycle.

The hormone shift in estrogen/progesterone ratios during the menstrual cycle is the major factor in PMS symptoms in the two week period before menstruation when the ratios are most elevated. Low brain serotonin, low thyroid, excess estrogen along with prostaglandin imbalance because of poor liver malfunction, and a diet loaded with too much salt, red meat, sugar and caffeine are all implicated in PMS. Most women that have PMS don’t get enough regular exercise. Many have low B vitamin levels, don’t get enough protein, and have several mineral deficiencies. Stress or long term emotional distress can most definitely also be a big factor.


  • Do your friends and loved ones say you’re usually irritable,
    argumentative or tense at certain times each month?
  • Do you notice mood swings, aggressive behavior, even
    depression at certain times each month?
  • Do you experience cyclical water retention, bloating, and
    constipation each month?
  • Do you feel a noticeable energy drop before your period, and
    have difficulty getting out of bed or doing anything?
  • Do you get sore, swollen breasts before your period?
  • Do you get nausea attacks, vomit, headaches/migraines, and heavy
    cramping just before and during your period?
  • Do you get acne and skin eruptions before and during your period?
  • Do you get pre-period mouth sores?

Menstruation is a natural part of a woman’s life. PMS is not. Women can take control
of PMS naturally and effectively.

Use the following to help with internal inflammation, to balance mood and hormones:




Yes, Ladies, you can take control. And feel wonderful to be a woman, a Goddess… everyday.


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