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Have Blisters? Had Chicken Pox? Think Shingles.

CF6PF6 Shingles in an adult male, age 50

CF6PF6 Shingles in an adult male, age 50

Newly updated July 11, 2016.

Did you know over 1 million Americans over the age of 50 are diagnosed  with Shingles every year? Unfortunately, many are in the dark about exactly what shingles is and where it stems from. Shingles are the eruption of an acute nervous system infection caused by the HERPES ZOSTER virus. This is the same that causes chicken pox.
Symptoms present themselves as the following:

  • Infectious herpes type blisters appear on the body torso.
  • Flu-like symptoms are felt such as fever, headaches and upset stomach.
  • Scarring, numbness, and skin discoloration often result as well. 
  • You may be prone to shingles if you had chicken pox as a child.

One out of ten people who had chicken pox as children develop shingles later in their life time. The number one cause of shingles is a reaction to certain medications, usually multiple medications, especially antibiotics like penicillin.

HC1 (hydrochloric acid) depletion is common. HCl is required for the body to ionize minerals in the food so that the body can absorb them. HIVES are the same type of itchy blisters, but are caused by an allergic reaction to a chemical, like chlorinated drinking water, or foods such as dairy products, shellfish, wheat, MSG, or food colorings and additives. Stress, and an overloaded, exhausted liver, and lowered immunity also trigger outbreaks.

DO YOU HAVE SHINGLES SIGNS? Signs include: fever, chills, and a desperate, anxious feeling that overcomes the person right before very inflamed, painful, swollen, red skin blisters develop. Pain radiates along one or several nerves preceding outbreaks; attacks last from 2 days to about 2-3 weeks, leaving the person with very irritated nerves, fever, chills, fatigue, and weakness after blisters are gone.

***BE AWARE*** Shingles can be passed on to a person that has not had chickenpox.

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SILVER SHIELD GEL- apply twice daily to blisters


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