My sister has been a patient of Dr. Julissa for years now. I’ve suffered from PCOS since my teenage years. I’ve had an unstable menstrual cycle. In 2014 I’ve reach a breaking point PCOS I felt ruined my life excessive weight gain and the inability of conceiving. Being told since my teenager years it would be nearly impossible for me to conceive it had taken a toll on me. My sister has been telling me to do these natural remedies Dr. Julissa suggested to her, my sister swore by it and knew it would help me. I decided to listen to my sister because at this point I though hey what do I have to lose. Literally with in the first week and I’m not exaggerating my menstrual cycle finally came after months of not getting it. Then what I never thought could happened, happened! My menstrual cycle I felt at the time became irregular yet again. I told my sister see nothing ever works. My sister like no Dr. Julissa is amazing those remedies work. My sister insisted on me taking a pregnancy test she was convinced it’s not that the remedies didn’t work it’s that it did work. Again, I listened to my sister and took a pregnancy test and there was my answer. I was expecting. 7 years with significant other and I’ve never conceived. And then after using Dr. Julissa remedies here I am with a beautiful, smart, healthy miracle baby.
I’m so grateful my sister recommended this and even more grateful Dr. Julissa has been so amazing and providing such amazing remedies to my sister.           Dr. Julissa made me believe anything is possible. Thank you so much.                  — Melissa O., NY, NY. (Fertility patient of Dr. Julissa)

A blessing was given to me when I had lost hope. Being a mother has taught me never ending love. –Lynette M. NY, NY. (Fertility patient of Dr. Julissa)

After being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2011 and facing a yearlong struggle with recreational drugs, I sought out Dr. Julissa’s guidance. Within two weeks of following Dr. Julissa’s instructions my health and physical appearance improved. My health is now better than it was prior to my diagnosis. Thanks to Dr. Julissa I have revitalized my health and reclaimed my life.
— Amanda Robinson, Baltimore, MD.

Dr. Julissa motivated me to transform my life. With her help I have lost thirty pounds naturally and I am in a better state of mind. I am a much happier person!
— Alysia Edwards, NJ

When I was told that I had a form of Kidney failure by my primary doctor, I began visiting Dr. Julissa. With her knowledge of physical and emotional health my kidney failure disappeared. I am thankful for her guidance towards optimum health and I am now a new person.
— Juanita Harris, NY

Unlike many conventional doctors, Dr. Julissa is very approachable and caring. In the last few years with the help of Dr. Julissa, I have enhanced my physical and emotional well-being. At the age of fifty five I have lost weight and improved my blood pressure. Dr. Julissa is a great role model and I recommend her to everyone.
— Al J. Bellamy, NY

Thanks Dr. Julissa, for your dedication, time, and support. Dr. Julissa is a person that gives of herself. When I was suffering from fibroids and the doctors wanted to do surgery, Dr. Julissa helped and educated me. I am so happy to say almost 2 years later, no surgery, and I am healthy. Dr. Julissa has taken time out of her busy schedule to support me as I present information to others. A blessing is not a blessing until you bless someone else. Dr. Julissa is always blessing people and that is why she is so blessed. Dr Julissa you keep doing what you doing and don’t change.
— Stephanie Lomax, Brooklyn, NY

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