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Headaches & Migraines, Persistent & Debilitating


Newly updated March 21, 2016.

NSAID drugs like ibuprofen and aspirin send 76,000 people to the hospital and kill 7,600 to 8,000 per year. These are the main pain killers people use on a regular basis to help alleviate headaches and migraines.

These medications (in reality, all medications) eventually damage the liver with time also. And the main cause of headaches and migraines is a congested and overloaded liver. If liver congestion/liver overload is one of the main causes of migraines, are you truly correcting the problem with the above mentioned medications? It’s time for a new natural healthier method.

To prevent further persistent, debilitating headaches/migraines, cleanse and support the liver, and increase oxygen and blood flow to the brain. To achieve this, use these three supplements combined for minimum 3 months:




Eliminate foods that trigger headaches and migraines such as:
-red meat
-fried foods
-Reduce dairy products.

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