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Stress. The Good News & Bad News…



Are you stressed out? How’s your energy? Are you depressed? Most people tend to be affected by different degrees of stress. But many are allowing themselves to suffer emotionally and physically because they cannot cope with simple, never mind severe, stressful situations…

Do you know that stress shows up as severe fatigue that in turn results in depression? The human body, is made to handle stressful situations, and can benefit from them also! It is a bit difficult to avoid all stress, however, and there are ways to balance the body to maintain a high level of health to survive and handle stress well.

Not ALL stress is unhealthy. If you strengthen and balance the body, this in turn helps us think in a more positive affirmative manner so we can use stress as a motivational tool in our lives.

What puts us at great risk for not being able to cope with severely serious stress? Lack of rest/sleep, work and money problems tend to be at the top of most lists, emotional problems, using ‘stress soothers’ such as coffee, alcohol, drugs and all types of tobacco. And what triggers physical stress for most? Low vitamin and mineral balance, low adrenal function, environmental toxins, allergies, and low blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia).

I recommend the following powerful combination to feed the adrenals, feed the nerves and stabilize mood to prevent stress induced illness and disease:


Feed your body what it is missing to deal with stress, and use life stresses to make you stronger…

I Love This Herb For Women And Men ~


Ah, yes… Damiana.  This is a leaf I love and recommend for All.  Damiana herb was first introduced in the USA in 1874, and has a long history of use in the folk medicine.  Scientifically called ‘Turnera diffusa, T. aphrodisiaca’, Damiana is known world-wide as a tonic that lifts one’s mood, enhances vitality, and is known to have aphrodisiac qualities that stimulate libido, for sexual health in general, and for increasing sex drive and sexual desire in Women and Men, including supporting sexual performance and sexual energy.

The part used is the leaf.  It is also known as a diuretic, for its hypoglycemic properties, its antibacterial properties; is widely used as a nerve tonic as it helps with nervous exhaustion so one can cope with stresses better; a mild natural antidepressant for mild depression.


Ancient Mayas and Aztecs used Damiana as a general tonic to improve health condition. When used on a regular basis, Damiana will help to improve mental stamina and mood. As a sexual tonic, it is a gentle acting remedy that can be taken safely always to enhance libido because it supports the glandular system.

It is interesting to note, however, that boosting sexual desire is not the only property of Damiana.  Native tribes also are known to use it to treat constipation and digestive problems, as well as gastric ulcers, menstrual irregularities, and bed-wetting in children and adults.  Damiana is a precious medicinal plant that I believe all can benefit from. ~

I recommend Damiana in a single herb formula, or have made sure it is a key ingredient in certain herbal formulas I recommend to patients and clients. Click the link below to obtain this exquisite herb and for more information:


Men, Sexuality, Andropause & More

Most men today, unfortunately, are dealing with hormonal imbalances. But some men have overcome these discomforts easily by focusing on bringing balance back to the body with natural therapy alternatives. The term used most to describe the hormonal imbalances in men is “Andropause“. When men get into their early 30s, they begin losing testosterone at a rate of one to two percent a year. According to the US Census Bureau, approximately 4-5 million men have symptoms of low testosterone levels and only 5-10% of these men will seek treatment. The University of California published an article on April 7, 2011 that helps others finally understand this is real. Low testosterone levels are more prevalent everyday and affect the quality of life for men. A man’s hormone fluctuations are less dramatic than a woman’s. Testosterone levels start to decline around age 40, falling up to 10% each decade.

Andropause symptoms include the following:

  • loss of or less muscle mass
  • unusual fatigue
  • anxiety
  • emotional sensitivity
  • impotence in
    most cases
  • depression
  • erection problems (less frequent, less strong)
  • loss in height and/or early osteoporosis
  • low energy
  • slow head hair and facial hair
  • lower sex drive.

Causes are:

  • stress (which leads to adrenal exhaustion, which in turn
    worsens symptoms due to the fact that adrenal glands produce most
  • vasectomy
  • synthetic steroids
  • surgery
  • long illness
  • serious and excessive bodybuilding
  • severe dieting
  • nutrient deficiencies
    (especially eating an excess of foods inundated with hormones and
  • a diet low in protein, iodine,
    calcium, EFAs (essential fatty acids)
    and low in B complex

Ok. What role does testosterone really play?
Testosterone is important for a healthy sex drive and stamina, helps in producing strong erections, and helps the male body in building protein. The hormone, testosterone, also assists the body in bone formation, prostate gland growth, the functions of the liver, and production of blood cells in bone marrow. A man’s sex drive is very much dependent on healthy testosterone levels and a strong blood supply to the erectile tissue. Diet and exercise are two very important factors in maintaining healthy testosterone levels. Men should eat foods rich in zinc such as: liver, oysters, nuts, seeds and legumes. Fiber-rich foods are also very important like: legumes, fruits and vegetables to avoid atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) of the penis. Drink alcohol in moderation. Heavy drinking can lead to reduced erections.


Conventional medicine has recommended TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) as the solution to this growing problem in men. The side effects alone are enough to DISCOURAGE ANYONE from considering this sort of toxic treatment. Acne on face, back and/or chest is a side effect. And prostate cancer is a severe side effect, especially if it runs in the family. It is also not prescribed to men who have had prostate cancer. (Obviously. Since a man who has had prostate cancer is already prone to developing abnormal cells.)
More important facts regarding Men and Sexuality: MEN! KEEP YOUR WEIGHT DOWN! EXTRA WEIGHT MEANS A SMALLER PENIS! A man loses 1/2 inch from their penis for every 15 pounds he gains, according to Sexologists. Extra weight causes a man to develop a pad of fat that tends to creep over the shaft of the penis. Drug use used for recreation for a prolonged period of time inhibits sperm production. Sperm and chromosome structure becomes damaged from heavy metal and radiation exposure. And another very important fact: (STDs) Sexually Transmitted Diseases scar the vas deferens which then obstruct sperm delivery to the penis and infertility results.

Use the following natural therapies combination to bring hormone levels back to balance, restore sexual desire, erectile capability, reduce body fat, increase muscle strength, and improve mood:


Use continuously for minimum 9-12 weeks to reestablish hormonal balance, increase sexual vitality, increase blood flow throughout the body for stronger erections, energy, emotional balance, and to lose upper body weight gain. A man cares about his body just as much as a woman does. Establishing balance is in your reach with natural therapies.

Cheers to your vitality and virility, Gentlemen!