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Gallstones: Can You Digest Cleanly?

Newly updated September 19, 2016.

Our gallbladder helps us digest fats by producing bile.  Eating an excess of fatty and fried foods causes bile fluids to become saturated with cholesterol, the cholesterol converts into solid crystals, then accumulates into the ever common gallstones.  The pain at times is so severe it feels like a heart attack in progress. Over 20 million Americans have gallstones.  The option of recommending surgical removal of the gallbladder is common, but there is a price.  The liver suffers when there is a removal of its ‘best friend’ the gallbladder, and in turn also becomes overloaded.

The three main reasons why we are not digesting cleanly are:

1-food allergies (because they affect our ability to digest),

2-parasite infections (they lead to calcium composition stones),

3-lack of exercise (causes digestive activity to become sluggish).

Holistic medicine teaches that the emotion that effects the gallbladder is unresolved Anger. Gallstones do not develop overnight… Gallstones take time to develop, and so this tells us they are associated with an ‘accumulation’ and ‘buildup’ of Anger over an extended period of time. Apart from the three main reasons mentioned above which are known to be the main causes of gallstones, holding on to unresolved anger weakens the gallbladder making its function sluggish. Look within yourself if you suffer with this challenge. Work to overcome these negative thought feeling-emotions, let go, and take steps to feed your body what it is missing to begin a healing process.

To help the body expel gallstones safely, almost painlessly, and help balance emotions with chinese medicine, use the following natural therapy program I have recommended with outstanding results to patients and clients for over 21 years:




Use this program for at least 30-60 days. You will have 2-3 mild bowel movements per day and will notice dark green stones or black stones eliminated in the stool.

Eliminate the following from your diet: pork, red meat, chicken, turkey, carbonated beverages, coffee, ice teas, and chocolate.  Reduce sugars and white refined flours.

Enjoy a cleaner digestive system. Enjoy life as a healthier You, emotionally, and physically. ~