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8 Results To Expect From A Cleansing & Detoxification Program

Detoxification and Cleansing.  Doesn’t ‘cleansing’ negativity and bad health remnants sound like the right thing to do physically and spiritually?  And don’t we all want to Prevent Disease?  How can we think of preventing disease if we don’t consider using tools such as Detoxification?

The cleansing or purging of the intestines–detoxification–dates back to 2500 B.C. with Egyptian bowel specialists. The Greeks also used it, as did the American Indians. Detoxification has been known and used for ages. But this is the time in history it is the most needed and the most important. Foods have become denatured, devoid of enzymes, overly sugared, and just plain poisoned. Food and water have become more toxic. And our digestive systems are overloaded. Detoxification is absolutely imperative.

Your elders most likely practiced detoxification with you!  You may have memories of your grandmother or mother giving you a “clean-out” or “wash-out” every year right before the beginning of the school year…   Or you may remember being ill and watching your grandmother, or some family member, walk into the backyard,  pull some roots out of the ground, some leaves off a plant, wash them, and make you a potent tea that had you feeling light on your feet, energized, and brand new again in no time…


Detoxification has been called the ‘missing link to disease prevention’.  Unfortunately, with the amount of toxins in our foods and the environment, our bodies have difficulty performing such an automatic function alone. The process of eliminating or neutralizing toxins through vital eliminatory organs such as the liver, kidneys, lungs, skin,  and colon,  is something they were once capable of when they were not completely overloaded.  If these toxic substances are not eliminated, our intelligent bodies push toxins to one side, and surround it in mucous and fat in order for us not to suffer an imbalance or immune reaction.

Our emotions are also affected by a toxic, congested body.  The emotion of ‘Not Letting Go’ is associated with the health of the colon/large intestine.  Negativity is more difficult to ‘let go’ of’ in life if a person is not having minimum 2-3 bowel movements per day. The colon when impacted in this way brings a person to suffer constipation.  So consider a detoxification  a step towards cleansing emotionally also…

For those who have considered Detoxification to manage their weight, or to lose weight successfully, you should know you’re perfectly right in doing so!  Why? For the following reasons:  The body surrounds toxins with MUCOUS and FAT.   If the body is storing foreign substances in fatty deposits, this is a crucial reason for Detoxification.   The more Fat the body is storing, the more Toxic the body is.  And maintaining a low fat diet and low body fat in general is a form of disease prevention also.   People can be carrying between 5 and 16 pounds of mucous and fat that carry toxic waste!

A cleansing and detoxification program should do the following:

  • 1- to clean the digestive tract of accumulated waste and fermented bacteria
  • 2- purify the liver, blood, and kidneys
  • 3- clear excess congestion and mucous from the body
  • 4- correct craving dependencies of nicotine, alcohol, drugs, sugar and caffeine
  • 5- increase mental clarity
  • 6- balance hormones
  • 7- strengthen the immune system
  • 8- and change bad eating habits in a person so their stomach reduces to normal size

In other words,  I expect the best results from the program I choose to recommend. Here are my favorite detoxification and cleansing programs that  help you achieve true core health, weight management/weight loss, energy, fitness and balance:



Click the above links to obtain these and get detailed information. Use these for minimum 30 days.

* The proof is in the faces and testimonies of marvelously joyous patients and clients.  To see their photos, become my Facebook friend and see photo albums  ‘Weight Loss Success, Before & After’  and ‘Mobile Uploads’. *

Prevent disease by incorporating a cleansing program at least 3 to 4 times per year or as needed. Be Well!


2 Main Causes of Diabetes

English: Diagram shows insulin release from th...

English: Diagram shows insulin release from the Pancreas and how this lowers blood sugar levels. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

DIABETES.   The Lancet published the following statistic: “WHO estimates that more than 346 million people worldwide have diabetes. Without intervention this number is likely to more than double, and around 470 million people are projected to have prediabetes by 2030.”  Diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death in the US.  This is a disease that we, those practicing natural medicine, see as the worst of all diseases.  Diabetes is a disease that destroys EVERY body system. Diabetes is a degenerative disease,  linked to mainly a diet of long-term excessive eating of sugar and highly processed carbohydrates, and lack of fiber.   Yet new studies, also in The Lancet, show two main causes of Diabetes:

  1. It is believed to be polygenic (involving multiple genes) in nature.
  2. It is also believed to be multifactorial</strong (involving both environmental and genetic factors) in nature.

In either case, whether diabetes is genetically inherited, or caused by the person’s environment, I’ve termed diabetes ‘the vicious circle disease’. When discussing the environmental factor, sugar metabolism and poor fat lead to obesity,  then lead to diabetes.   And of course, the cycle keeps going. The Statistical Update by the American Heart Association – American Stroke Association (AHA – ASA), reported that adolescents between 10 and 19 years of age were diagnosed with diabetes. Of those,  57.8% were Black46.1% were Hispanic, and 14.9% were white. In 2008, 18.3 million adults were diagnosed with diabetes: 8.3 million were males10.0 million were females. If you are diabetic, you know that diabetes makes you want to eat more,  so symptoms become worse, including craving more fat, too many sugary foods, too much fast foods, caffeine and alcohol.  When a person eats this way, the pancreas becomes damaged, so your body loses the ability to produce or even use insulin correctly.

Why do you also feel lack of energy?  Because insulin is the hormone that helps convert food into energy.  Simple carbohydrates and sugars stop being metabolized, accumulate in the body and are then stored as fat.  Lack of exercise, excess body fat, and what do you have? Insulin resistance which causes less energy to move into the cells. Type 2 diabetics produce insulin, but it isn’t used properly. Type 1 diabetes, which normally occurs in childhood, is much more severe and the person becomes dependent on insulin…  Until of course, we work to balance the body and strengthen the pancreas to optimum health.

Since many diabetics tend to develop hypertension / high blood pressure and cardiovascular / heart problems, it is imperative to try to help the body heal and become balanced as soon as possible.

Use the following natural therapies combined to help the body against genetic tendencies, normalize the pancreas and insulin activity, lower blood sugar levels, boost energy, support the health of the heart, kidneys, liver, pancreas, and to achieve or maintain an ideal weight:

for diabetic children)



Co-Q10 (50MG)

Regain your health and triumph over diabetes.