Arthritis: Are You ‘Stiff & Suffering’ ?



Newly updated June 16, 2016.

Arthritis.  It sure is painful.  And most times, family and friends can’t bear to see their loved ones suffer.  It’s painful to see a loved one unable to do for themselves like they used to.  And when regular daily tasks become increasingly impossible for them to carry out, sadness and depression tend to take over them…

Many don’t know Arthritis not only affects the joints and bones, but also the brain, immune system, eyes, skin, blood vessels and kidneys (and in Chinese medicine we learn it also tends to stem from the kidneys).  The drugs used in conventional medicine have not taken care of this unfortunately very common disease very well.  Let’s consider Vioxx, the COX 2 inhibiting drug that was removed from the market because it was causing blood clots, strokes, and heart attacks in which many resulted in deaths.  Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are used for relieving pain, but also send approximately close to 80,000 people to the hospital and kill close to 8,000 people a year.

And did you know The Journal of American Medical Association states that HISPANICS are THE MOST AFFECTED BY ARTHRITIS, more than any other race?

If you’re tired of the pain, lifestyle changes MUST be made. 

To reduce inflammation, repair and strengthen joints, reduce pain, normalize body pH,  and most importantly, to balance emotions, I recommend my clients and patients use the following combination:





Remember we are correcting the problem, not masking the pain.   The goal is to help the body heal itself.  Now, lifestyle changes means changing eating habits also. Drink more water, eat a mostly vegetarian, low-fat diet, avoid foods that trigger arthritis such as: wheat, corn, pork (all derivatives: bacon, etc.) coffee, eggs, beef, oranges (lemons/limes are excellent though)  and milk.  Refined sugar cause flare-ups, and reduce fried foods, salty foods, spicy foods & alcohol.

You know how you feel when you’re in pain.  These changes are needed.

Eat more of the following to help balance the body and reduce acidity: brown rice, cherries, cold water fish (very well cooked, do not eat raw), sea greens, dark green vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, sweet potatoes, parsley, onions and garlic.

As many of you have heard me say, “You’ll love me in a week!”  Give yourself at least a week’s time to begin to see the positive changes; more mobility, less stiffness, better mood.  And if you continue with the above natural therapies, then you are assured you are helping your body heal.  It’s time to get your life back.  Time to Be Well again…

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