What is a Naturopathic Doctor?

Naturopathic Doctors are trained specialists in a separate and distinct healing art which uses non-invasive natural medicine. Naturopathic doctors tailor the healing modality to the needs of the individual with methods which are effective for both chronic and acute problems. Naturopathy is based upon a belief in the body’s innate natural ability to heal itself when given an appropriate internal and external healing environment. Naturopaths provide patients with natural, historical, and non-invasive options in the treatment of disease and pain.

Can a Naturopathic Doctor prescribe medicine?

Naturopaths are not involved in the practice of prescribing drugs. Dr. Julissa offers natural herbal supplements and natural therapies to her patients but does not prescribe pharmaceuticals. Naturopathic doctors have traditionally been referred to as “drugless doctors.”

What should I expect on my first visit?

On the first visit, Dr. Julissa will take her time to get to know you medically and emotionally. Your medical history, diet, and stress levels will be gathered, along with non-invasive tests to evaluate body conditions and advise you concerning your condition. A full Iridology exam will be held, which is a painless examination that scans your irides for potential illnesses, potential imbalances and deficiencies. Near the end of the session, Dr. Julissa will prescribe a healing therapy regimen which may include natural supplements, diet changes, other healing therapy recommendations, and a follow-up is scheduled.

What should I expect on my first phone/Skype consultation?

On the first phone or Skype consultation, Dr. Julissa will ask a thorough list of questions to get to know your medical history and emotional state. Additional specific questions will be asked to evaluate your individual health concern. Near the end of the consultation, Dr. Julissa will then recommend some changes be made in your diet, daily habits, and, if necessary, will recommend natural therapy solutions to help you achieve optimum health, balance, and help the body heal itself.

Why go holistic instead of conventional?

Conventional medicine focuses most times on treating isolated symptoms with multiple drugs and/or surgery that can have serious side effects. Holistic health care focuses on proactively identifying the root cause of a health problem and introducing nutrition based programs that help people slowly modify their diets and lifestyle habits which bring about natural healing and long-term resistance to disease. Naturopathic medicine focuses on whole body healing; understanding that everything in the body is connected, the approach should be on physical, emotional, mental balance, disease prevention, and in helping the body heal.

6 responses to “FAQ’s

  1. Catharina Clemens

    Dear Dr. Hernandez,
    I purchased your book as audio and printed version and I love it! I want to start right now but there is one problem – your link to get all the supplements from Nature´s Sunshine in the right amount (360mg tablets and son on)….They DONT SHIP TO GERMANY :(((
    If I take a different brand I can either take more or less of each of the supplements. E.g. 800mg instead of 600mg and so on. So what do you recommend?? Is it safe to take more of them??Or should I rather only take 400mg instead the 600ish mg?
    I found no other retailer who ships to GER with your recommended mg/capsule amounts.

    Thank you!!!

    Kind regards


    • Hello Cathi,
      I understand your concern~ Yes, if you are not able to obtain genuine NSP supplements, then do use the best authentic highest quality supplement brand you can obtain and use the amounts that correspond with the milligram dosages I have suggested;) If you have further questions, or wish to obtain the NSP supplements, call my office and I will be of service to you personally to support you on your health journey to conceiving the baby you dream of~ I would be honored to do all in my power to help you be well~


      Dr. Julissa

      The Natural Health Center Inc.
      Live receptionists available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week~

  2. Hola Dr. Julissa, may I know where I can find information about why not to consume garlic and onions, thanks.

  3. Hello. I would like to know if you accept GHI Emblem Health insurance. If not, please provide the cost of a consultation and or office visit. This is in relation to Fibroids.

  4. Jacqueline Bland

    I was referred by Sensei Barr from NJ. I would like to set up a consultation.
    I look forward to hearing back from you.
    Jacqueline Bland
    347 236 9031

    • Hello Jacqueline, Thank you for your query and patience;) please contact my office directly, 212-923-6366, to schedule an in-office appointment, phone, Skype, or FaceTime consultation. Looking forward to hearing from you and in supporting you on your health journey;) ~ Dr. J

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