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Dr. Julissa Hernandez, ND, CNHP

Naturopathic Doctor
Main Telephone Number for All U.S. locations: (212) 923-6366

Main Hub Office Location:

The Natural Heath Center Inc.

112 W. 34th St., 18th Floor

NY, NY 10020

(Across from Macy*s, one block from Madison Square Garden)

Mailing Address:
The Natural Health Center Inc.
PO Box 1722
Fort Lee, NJ 07024


NEW YORK CITY: Main Office Location


NYC, Manhattan: 112 W. 34th St., 18th Floor, NY, NY 10120 (Across from Macy*s, one block from Madison Square Garden)


Westchester County: 777 Westchester Ave., #101, White Plains, NY 10604


Atrium Executive Center, 80 Orville Dr #100, Bohemia, NY 11716


68 S Service Rd #100, Melville, NY 11747



Fort Lee: 1 Bridge Plaza North, Fort Lee, NJ 07024


Jersey City: 101 Hudson St., Jersey City, NJ 07302



Philadelphia: 1650 Market Street, Suite 3600, Philadelphia, PA 19103



Chicago: 180 North Stetson Avenue #3500, Chicago, IL 60601



Greensboro: 7800 Airport Center Drive, #401, Greensboro, NC 27409

Charlotte: 1914 J N Pease Pl, Charlotte, NC 28262


Charleston: 4000 Faber Pl Dr #300, Charleston, SC 29405


Miami: 201 South Biscayne Blvd, 28th Floor, Miami, FL 33131


Miami: 80 SW 8th St., Suite 2000, Miami, FL 33130


Miami Beach: 1688 Meridian Avenue, Suite 600 & 700, Miami Beach, FL 33139


Fort Lauderdale: 6750 N Andrews Ave #200, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309




* 260 Peachtree Street NW, Suite 2200 *                                                                        * 1170 Peachtree St., Suite 1200 *
* Promenade II, 1230 Peachtree St. North East, 19th Fl. *
* 1201 Peachtree St., 400 Colony Square, Suite 200 *
* 201 17th St., Suite 300 *
* 3340 Peachtree Rd., Suite 1800 *
* 3348 Peachtree Rd. NE, Suite 700 *
* 100 Hartsfield Centre Parkway, Suite 500 *
* 3399 Peachtree Rd. NE, Suite 400 *
* 3525 Piedmont Rd., 7 Piedmont Center, 3rd Fl. *
* 3500 Lenox Rd., Suite 1500 *
* The Pinnacle Building, 3455 Peachtree Rd. North East, 5th Fl. *
* 2727 Paces Ferry Road, Suite 750 *
* 3330 Cumberland Blvd., Suite 500 *
* 3350 Riverwood Pkwy, Suite 1900 *
* 400 Galleria Parkway, Suite 1500 *
* 5555 Glenridge Connector, Suite 200 *
* 1000 Parkwood Circle, Suite 900 *
* 2002 Summit Blvd., Suite 300 *
* Five Concourse Parkway, Suite 3000 *
* Two Ravinia, Suite 500 *
*303 Perimeter Center North, Suite 300 *
* 400 Perimeter Center Terrace N, Suite 900 *
* 1200 Abernathy Road, Building 600, Northpark Town Center, Suite 1700 *
* One Glenlake Parkway, Suite 700 *
Peachtree Street NW, Suite 2200



Charleston: 4000 S. Faber Place Drive, Suite 300


Mt. Pleasant: 1240 Winnowing Way, Suite 100


Columbia: 1320 Main Street, Suite 300



Towson: 100 West Road, #300


Baltimore: 100 International Drive



Houston: 2100 West Loop South, #900
Dallas: Downtown Republic Center
325 North St. Paul Street, #3100
Irving: 1431 Greenway Drive, #800
Fort Worth: 501 Bridge St., #300
Austin: 13785 Research Blvd., #125
Pearland: 11200 Broadway, #2743


Washington, D.C.: 2200 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., 4th Floor East



Indianapolis: 333 Alabama St., Suite 350



600 Superior Ave, Cleveland, OH 44114


675 Cochrane Drive, East Tower, 6th Floor, Markham, ON L3R 0B8, Canada

1000 Rue de la Gauchetière Ouest, 24th Floor, Montréal, QC H3B 4W5, Canada

439 University Avenue, 5th Floor, Toronto, ON M5G 2H6, Canada
…and more office locations to come!



-Schedule one to one personal in-office consultations.

-Schedule Phone and/or Video consultations.

***NOTE: As of February 1, 2017 all prices for all consultations and fees have been increased.

A deposit by credit card/debit card is required to make all types of appointments. All major credit/debit cards are accepted. 

Medical insurance is not accepted.  

Employee FSA (Flexible Spending Account) cards are accepted.

If you live outside of the New York metro area, travel arrangements can be made to consult with Dr. Julissa in an office near you.

To schedule an appointment please call our main office number 212.923.6366.

If you obtain our new voice messaging system, please leave a clear, detailed message with name and phone number, as we cannot return calls from missed phone calls. Upon leaving a voicemail message, we would greatly appreciate your patience in expecting a return call within a minimum of 48 hours due to an increase in call volume.

***Cancellation Policy: To reschedule or cancel any appointment, you must call within a minimum of 48 hours before the scheduled time and day of your scheduled appointment to avoid being charged a cancellation fee.
Thank you for understanding. We look forward to supporting you on your optimum health journey!

Begin your journey towards wellness, and schedule an appointment with Dr. Julissa today!

‘You should not have to be convinced to be well. Decide To Be Well.’ TM ~Dr. Julissa

18 responses to “Contact Me

  1. Hello!

    We hope this message finds you well! Thank you for your query and patience as we receive numerous messages.

    In regards to your question, we feel it best to receive an answer personally. Call our office, Monday through Friday, 10a-4p Eastern Standard Time, for information and to schedule an in-office appointment, phone, Skype, or Facebook Messenger video consultation: 212.923.6366.

    If we are away from our desks, on another call, or with patients, please leave a detailed message on our new phone messaging system with full name and phone number in order to receive a return call from us.

    We look forward to hearing from you and in supporting you on your health journey!

    -The Natural Health Center Inc. Staff

  2. Hi Dr. Julissa,
    I have just finished reading your book The Naturopathic Approach to Fertility and was definitely left inspired. I plan on following the remedies that you have outlined for the two week herbal detox and the herbal therapy programs. Is there a limit as to what herbs are added on to the daily regimen? The amount of capsules to take daily has quickly added up! If this is normal and nothing to worry about then I’m totally fine with it. Just want to be sure as my husband is not a fan of having to take many supplements.
    Thank you in advance! ~~Liane~~

    • Hello Liane,

      It feels so good to hear from you; ) I am honored you have been inspired and you both feel newfound hope for having the baby you so desire. In answer to your question, there truly is no limit to what is added to the fertility daily regimens if it is needed by the person. It is important to view herbs, not as medication, but as food. Like enjoying a mini salad of herbs in capsules;) Express it this way to your husband;) Forever welcome! And do let us know the wonderful news of your results! ~Dr. J

  3. Latonya McGowan

    My petite, teenage daughter has stretch marks on her thighs and buttocks. She has seen an African American dermatologist but she said it’s due to puberty. What can she use to get rid of or lighten them? We just bought a two piece swimsuit that is very cute on her but those stretch marks are a problem. I couldn’t find any information on your page. Thanks!

    • Hello Latonya, I understand the concern~ The development of strerch marks are also linked to a possible B-Complex deficiency. External oils and creams may help, however it is most likely an internal imbalance and nourishing her with supplements as these will prevent them further. You can find Balanced B-Complex and Collatrim supplements for skin elasticity in the ‘Herbs and Supplements’ section of this website. Health be to you and yours! Be well!

  4. Hola Dr. Julissa, es éste un medio para tener comunicación contigo aparte de las llamadas telefónicas? Acabo de dejarte un mensaje por teléfono deseando saber si sería posible la comunicación entre tú, mi hermano y yo por Skype, en un día sábado, mil gracias por tu atención y que tengas un excelente día 💜

  5. Good Morning Dr.Hernandez. Please have someone to check the link (the one under the Healthy Holiday photo) on your WordPress site. It is not connecting to your site.

  6. I was on your website and i was looking for a skin cleanse because my skin starts getting red rashes in the winter. Dermatologist didn’t seem to be to concerned, gave me a shot of cortizone and some cortizone pills to take for 5 days. Also their own RX topical. It helped but didn’t clear it up so i decided to try natures sunshine and i saw you had the following for skin detox 1299-6 Skin Detox, 1614-4 Pau D’Arco Lotion, 3050-5 Tiao He Cleanse (15 Day which i tried before. Now on the bottle of skin detox it says best if taken with BPX blood purifier and Irish Moss hand cream. Does it matter because I’ve already made these purchases. And the Pau D arco lotion is already working the skin is drying up now just waiting to see if it leaves a dark spot on my leg or if the natural color will be the finished product. I also wanted to know if i should take the hsnw while detoxing or wait until I’m finish. Please advise.

  7. Debra McCarroll

    I was taking meds for high blood pressure for a month and I realized that my hair was coming out. I have several bald spots and thinning hair. Also my hands and feet stayed cold until I started drinking liquid chlorophyll. Am I on the right track? Stop taking meds and increased my walk time and veggie intake for hbp.. Thank you

  8. Hello Dr. Julissa,

    How do you feel about Natural Progesterone Cream?

  9. I would like to schedule a phone or Skype consultation. I am 43 ver healthy woman but my cycles are changing every 2-3 wks 7 days of bleeding. No birth control, not sexually active for 6 mths. Please let me know how much it will cost?

  10. Hi I read your post on fibroids. I wanted know if you had any information for treating pain associated with endometriosis. I have been dealing with horrible pains In my lower pelvic area for last 6 years I currently take lortab motrin muscle relaxer daily to manage the pain. Ive been to breaking point so many timed dealing with this pain that no pain pill can take away somedays.

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