Proper Timing Of Orgasn

Proper timing of #Orgasm.

A #quote from Chapter 11, pg. 138, of my new book, ‘The Naturopathic Approach To Fertility’:

“Something I feel is a marvelous benefit to creating a closer bond during sex is taking the time to let go slightly of the ego and just feel. Feeling your partner rising in pleasure during sexual intercourse, taking your time, moving in rhythm together, and waiting until both are about to achieve orgasm to explode in ecstasy in each other’s arms. Although studies now show that a female orgasm is not necessary to conceive, female orgasm has been shown to help promote sperm transport. So take your time, rise and fall with each other, whisper in each other’s ears what you are feeling during that wonderful time locked in pleasure with each other. Let each other know when you are both achieving your height of pleasure, hold on, wait, and then explode in sexual rapture and climax together…”

Allow my labor of love πŸ’“ to help you as a #couple achieve a closer bond, and at the same time, even if you are not trying to conceive, use this as a guide to achieve optimum #sexualhealth, healthy, balanced reproductive systems and bodies.

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