Sex, Chinese Medicine, & Fertility

#Sex, #ChineseMedicine, and #Fertility in Men and Women. A #quote from my new book, ‘The Naturopathic Approach To Fertility’, Chapter 11, pg 136:

“Let us now discuss sex. Sex should be thought of as a beautiful, exquisite, natural function; Chinese medicine labels it “as natural as clouds and rain.” So, what positions increase your likelihood of conception? Let’s be blunt: this is just as important as having intercourse the right time of the month to become pregnant.”

Chinese Medicine also teaches some of the best times of the day to have sex for heightened pleasure, and also, to enhance fertility. This is something I discuss in great depth in Chapter 11. Whether you are a couple trying to conceive, or a couple that wants to grow closer, intimately, sensually and sexually, let my book, my labor of love, be your guide to also achieving healthy reproductive systems and bodies.

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