Gastritis, Ulcers, And Gastric Disease


So you’re digesting poorly, are experiencing chest pains, feeling excruciating, sharp abdominal pain, having trouble breathing (which is making you think you have asthma), and heartburn?  Are you always nauseous and sometimes vomit with blood?  Do you feel irritable bowel discomforts along with bitter acid bile reflux that rises in the throat?  Do you vomit sometimes a coffee-ground like substance?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you could be suffering with a gastric disease; most commonly today gastric diseases such as Gastritis, Gastric Ulcers, and Gastroenteritis.

These ulcerative disorders of the G.I.  (gastrointestinal) tract come about when certain enzymes and stomach acids damage the lining of the G.I. tract if the protective agents of your body aren’t doing a good job of just that, protecting you.

What are the causes and what puts you at risk for Gastric Diseases?

The main cause is overeating, eating much too quickly, and much too often in a day.  Foods that cause these challenges include: fatty, fried foods, sweets and sugary foods, and hot, spicy foods. Other foods and habits that are implicated are eating an excessive amount of refined foods, white flour, baked goods that feed Candida yeast overgrowth, too much alcohol, coffee, using steroid drugs and NSAIDS, food allergies, and H. (Helicobacter) pylori bacteria infection.  Specific foods I additionally recommend patients eliminate from their diet also include pork, beef, and raw fish and seafoods.

And if you have parasites, intestinal parasites, you are at an absolute risk; the highest risk. A staggering close to 90% of people in the US have had parasites at some point in their lives.

Taking a holistic approach is the way to overcome and heal from these diseases. Click each link below to access more information, and use the following combination of herbal therapy supplements that have proven with my own patients and clients to rebuild the stomach lining, normalize digestive function, and eliminate parasite infection:






If you are interested in learning more about parasite infestation, read my article ‘Are You A Host To Parasites?‘ by clicking here.

Eliminate the foods mentioned in this article that cause and aggravate these gastric diseases.  Use the above herbal therapy combination for 90 days to heal, and be able to enjoy food, healthy food, again…!

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