Celebrating 21 Years Of Service


On May 1, 1995, 21 years ago, the doors to my practice and first office in NYC first opened;) Feel so blessed to love my work and be of service to so many.~ Am forever grateful to my loving family, friends, and All of You for your love, faith, and support over the years… Thank you!!! #Celebrating21YearsOfService

🌎 Él 1ro de Mayo, 1995, hace 21 años, se abrieron las puertas de mi practica y 1er oficina en NYC;) Me siento tan bendecida de amar mi trabajo y ofrecer un servicio a tantos~ Estoy por siempre agradecida por mi amada familia, amigos, y Todos Ustedes por su amor, fe, y apoyo atravez de los años… Gracias!!! #Celebrando21AñosDeServicio

4 responses to “Celebrating 21 Years Of Service

  1. Congratulations! I had the pleasure of meeting you in Dallas, at the convention. I was excited because I listen to you since hearing you on Michael Baisden show. Your beautiful inside and out!

  2. I pray that u are blessed with many more years of providing amazing service! You have been a blessing to me & i am forever grateful, blessed & honored have the best ND in my life!!! Love u always.

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