Heavy Periods? What’s Really Happening?


So, every month you’re having a heavy period.  And you’ve tried everything, including over the counter pain killers that never correct the problem, cause you to experience more and more discomfort with every period because they begin to overload your liver, and you never get relief.  Soon you start to notice that you are spotting between your periods, and every month you dread the day your period actually comes…

Could there be a specific cause as to why so many women suffer with menorrhagia (excessive menstrual blood flow) and metrorrhagia (inter-period bleeding)?

First, it is important to understand that hormonal balance plays a large part in these two female health challenges.  Progesterone hormone assures comfortable, uniform shedding of uterine lining – while low progesterone levels means tissue will build up.  More endometrial formation is caused also by high estrogen levels that stimulate growth of the uterine lining.  When these two are combined, low progesterone levels and high estrogen levels, the result is an abnormally heavy flow during menstruation, and/or spotting between periods as excess tissue is shed.

Hypothyroidism is also involved in menorrhagia.  Now, what exactly is excessive menstrual bleeding? This is characterized by heavy bleeding for 2 or more days of your period, with clots that are large and dark and even spotting between periods with clots that are large and dark.  Many times a woman will have an abnormal PAP smear.

Causes? In most cases, Hypothyroidism is the problem.  The presence of estrogen dominant cells, such as uterine fibroids, are most times involved as well, usually from an unhealthy diet low in nutrition with too much salt, red meat, and caffeine which affects hormone-gland balance. PID (pelvic inflammatory disease) and endometriosis from too much estrogen are other common factors.  Blood thinning drugs or excess aspirin aggravate the problem along with iron, Vitamin K, or calcium deficiency.  And even birth control pills have shown to cause breakthrough bleeding.

Click each link below. Use each of the following herbal therapies together for 3 cycles (3x each) to help shorten periods, balance progesterone, nourish and tone the reproductive system, correct underlying glandular imbalances such as hypothyroidism, and balance body iron:





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