Do You Have Signs Of Lupus?


Lupus. Most people with Lupus, surprisingly, are either Hispanic or Black women. It is estimated this viral disease affects 2 million Americans, and more than 80% of those 2 million are Black and Hispanic Women.

Lupus is an inflammatory, multi-system autoimmune disease. It is characterized buy a disoriented immune system developing antibodies that attack its own connective tissue. Arthritic like symptoms affect joints and connective tissue; lymph nodes and kidneys become inflamed; and in the worst cases brain and central nervous system degenerate, and so does the heart.

Allopathic medicine / conventional medicine has proved it can not successfully help those suffering from lupus. We know this especially from a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine that revealed that 10% of cases are diagnosed from a result of drug reactions. In other words, pharmaceutical drugs are known to cause 10% of Lupus cases.

What are the signs of lupus? Symptoms include red skin patches that appear anywhere on the body, chronic nail fungus specifically red at the cuticle base, inflammation around the mouth, severe fatigue and depression, inflammation around the cheeks and nose, sensitivity to light, low-grade chronic fevers, dry eyes, rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, amnesia, psychosis, migraines, and even anemia.

Causes of lupus? These include everything from taking too many Hydrazine derivative prescription drugs, to emotional stress, viral infection, candida albicans yeast infection, latent diabetes, and chronic fatigue syndrome related to candida yeast infection.

Yin Chinese herbs have demonstrated themselves to prove extremely successful in the treatment of lupus. Below is the photo of one of my patients, Josefina Baez, whom after herbal treatment has now been diagnosed negative for Lupus. It was a humbling honor to serve her and be a part of her health journey.


Use the following Chinese herbal program for minimum 90 days to overcome inflammation, joint and body aches and pains, achieve more energy, alleviate depression, and the chain of related symptoms associated with Lupus:


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