Love, Healing And Karma


#LoveBasedKarma #Gratitude #Giving ~ 😊 ❤
Sadly, for those not on a path of healing and enlightenment, it may be difficult for them to understand their own life trials and tribulations. If they are willing to open their minds, then it is a righteous good deed for us who do understand, and have learned through cultivation of the soul and heart, to teach and help them with compassion and love, to understand… Universal laws even show us that strong souls are used to help fulfill karmas of others, and then afterwards those strong souls are blessed beyond bounds when one endures. And so for those who ask themselves, ‘Why me? Why do I suffer? Why am I not healthy? Why do I lack love? Why am I not happy? etc.’, then here is a quote regarding God, the essence of the precious Truth of the Universe, and Karma, from the book, ‘The Chest of Wisdom’, Volume 1, pages 200-201, by Kao Tien Hui.:

“… within these experiences, there are something important to learn.  If we react to the negative experiences in life with negative emotions such as frustration, anger and dissatisfaction, we are merely following the footprint of our fate. Instead we should learn to accept whatever that are confronting us based on the fact that all negatives and misfortunes are the results of our past deeds.  Therefore, we would bear no grudges against anybody and would be able to deal with all negatives and misfortunes with grace and a peaceful heart. In this way, we are in fact acting against the dictation of our negative karma. If we react to all positive experiences with indulgence, complacency and arrogance, then we would end up like all ordinary people who follow their predestination. On the contrary, if we react by giving and sharing… then we are in fact enhancing and transforming our fortune into something more significant. Therefore, it is important to be able to face our life with a heart of acceptance, grace and kindness. In this manner, we can thus make full use of the conditions in our life, whether they are negative or positive, so that we can transform and transcend them… Not only should we cherish and count the blessings we possess at the moment but we must also learn to transform these into our virtues… Greatness comes from the virtue of giving. Through the act of giving, we can experience immense joy and tranquility.” 🙏

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