20 Benefits Of Squats~

💪❤ Early Morning Practices And Exercises

Once again my first Loves will be the practice of Yoga and Walking, but I was recommended squats not too long ago by a dear friend and now can’t get enough of them as part of my Fit Regimen routine!

According to SpotMeBro, here are the top 20 benefits of Squats:

1-   Squats build muscle all over
2-   Squats burn more fat
3-   Squats are functional
4-   Squats help maintain mobility
5-   Squats help you maintain balance
6-   Squats boost performance
7-   Squats prevent injuries
8-   Squats strengthen your core
9-   Squats strengthen joints
10- Squats are practical
11- Squats can be done in many ways
12- Squats are cheap
13- Squats can be done anywhere
14- The squat rack is usually empty
15- Performing squats will prevent people from doing curls in the squat rack
16- Squats will increase power
17- Squats are the great humbler/equalizer
18- Squats are universal
19- Squats will challenge your posterior chain
20- Squats will increase flexibility

Enough said, my Friends. I understand certain practices and exercises are not for everyone, like Yoga (although All would benefit;). But for this reason, when recommending a new physical activity to my patients and clients, I make sure I recommend those practices I feel would be specifically an ideal fit for them.

Squats can be done slow and easy, whether your knees are good or bad. And you can do them at your own pace and as frequent and as deep as you desire.

Whatever you choose from all I share with you on this blog,…

Get Active, my Friends! 💪

❤ ~Dr. Julissa

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