Love And Yoga… ~



🙂 A Yoga-On-The-Lake Compilation~

“Life is a flow of Love, only Your participation is requested.” – Yogi Bhajan 🙌

“Breathe and all will be revealed, Love and all will be healed. This is Yoga. -Seane Corn 🙌

Incorporate some sort of exercise that is right for you, my Friends. It doesn’t have to be the practice of Yoga;) but do anything that will help you move towards a better state of health. I support you in any decision you make! And take advantage of practicing your newfound activity outdoors this summer for even greater health benefits. 🙂

❤ ~Dr. Julissa

#yoga #yogi #yogaeverydamnday #om #namaste #love #peace #peaceful #meditation #tao #iamtao #prayer

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