25 Reasons Why I Love This Fungus


Ah, Cordyceps… Cordyceps is known as a medicinal fungus. 


It’s fame began when it was found out that members of the Chinese women’s track and field team “smashed” nine (9), world records in 1993, as is written in the book, ‘Secrets To Chinese Herbs’, and broke several more records in 1994! As is written in my healthy living blog, ‘Team members tested negative for using illegal substances, and their coach revealed that the athletes’ diets and training regime were supplemented with a Chinese “caterpillar fungus.”‘

Cordyceps has been deemed “the next ginseng” in ‘Secrets of Chinese Herbs’. In traditional Chinese Medicine, it has been used for 1,500 years.  This renwoned Chinese tonifying herb consists of dried fungus dwelling on the larvae of caterpillar.  When the fungus grows from the caterpillar during summer, the parasitic complex shows a plant-like appearance.  It’s extraordinary benefits include:

1.   Helps with body endurance
2.   Supports male sexual performance; stimulates testosterone biosynthesis according to pharmacological studies
3.   Helps the body build strength
4.   Increases stamina
5.   Increases energy levels
6.   Increases sex drive
7.   Increases athletic performance
8.   Strengthens the immune system
9.   Strengthens the glandular system
10. Supports female vitality
11. Supports the circulatory system and the upper respiratory system
12. Is an antioxidant and free radical      scavenger
13.  An anti-inflammatory
14. A general health tonic
15. Improves sleeping patterns
16. Treats sexual dysfunction
17. Has a particular strengthening effect on the kidneys and lungs
18. Has anti-aging qualities
19. Helps reduce stress-induced cholesterol
20. Improves dizziness and cold tolerance
21. Has beneficial cardiovascular effects
22. Improves tinnitus (ringing of the ears) and memory loss
23. Significantly known to improve frequent nighttime urination
24. Improves sexual function overall
25. A 2003 Japanese mouse study indicates Cordyceps enhances cancer chemotherapy, and reduces weight loss in metastic lung cancer

Pretty impressive fungus indeed. I have recommended this supplement to my patients and clients, and use it myself, with much success for many of the above reasons, especially in regards to endurance, for athletic performance, sexual strength in men, and as an overall energetic health tonic. 

Cordyceps is a trusted, tonifying herb that I recommend all can benefit from. To obtain and for more detailed information, click the following link:


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