Prostate Cancer Prevention. What Should You Focus On?


Most men are concerned about their prostate health. And the Cancer 2014 statistics in CA: The Cancer Journal for Clinicians shows the following:
Estimated New Cancer Cases and Deaths by Prostate Cancer, United States, 2014a
Expected Numbers of New Cancer Cases
Table 1 presents the estimated numbers of new cases of invasive prostate cancer expected among men in the United States in 2014. The overall estimate of 1,665,540 new cases of invasive cancers is the equivalent of more than 4,500 new cancer diagnoses each day.

But some men have learned how to keep their prostate healthy by using preventive measures. Men. And those who love the Men in their lives. Focus on Glandular health and Urinary health to achieve true Prostate health. Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches us that even prostate pain is a symptom associated with the urinary system, mainly kidney health.

Causes of prostate cancer? A high sugar, high fat, high cholesterol, low fiber diet is a main cause! This diet causes the conversion of normal testosterone to di-hydro-testosterone by the enzyme 5-alpha reductase. In short, this conversion of hormones causes the body to develop abnormal cells, especially in the genital system. Antioxidants are essential for cancer prevention. Not only are men concerned today more than ever about preventing Prostate Cancer, but men are concerned about always maintaining a healthy, strong erection also, which is dependent on prostate health.

Naturopaths and Holistic Practitioners have experienced magnificent results in recommending natural herbal recommendations for prostate health and prostate cancer prevention. In my over 21 years of practice I have seen those same results. Combined, the following natural therapies help the body fight abnormal cell presence, help prevent abnormal cell development, help decrease prostate inflammation and pain, strengthen the prostate, balance hormonal levels, and increase sexual endurance and sexual vitality:


PAW PAW CELL REG (add if abnormal cells are present)



In addition, avoid the following foods:

  • red meats, sodas, caffeine, alcohol (hard liquor and especially
    beer). These foods need to be avoided in absolute
    during healing.
  • tobacco, refined flours, and fried, greasy, fatty food should be avoided for good! If there is irritation of the bladder, or discomfort while urinating, eliminate spicy foods as well.

Remember, Gentlemen. Prevention is key. Along with the natural therapy I’ve recommended above, a more vegetarian, high fiber, low-fat, low-sugar diet is necessary. Make the changes. For Your Health.

Call Dr. Julissa today at 212.923.6366 and make an appointment to discuss this and other health issues. She is available for in-office appointments, via phone consultations and video Skype consultations.

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