Men. Is Prolonged Arousal Without Ejaculation Healthy?

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A man’s sex drive and fertility depends a great deal on the health of his prostate.  Its main function is to help the semen move through the urethra during ejaculation.  And the prostate enlarges when a man is aroused. If there is prolonged arousal, (a man who has been erect for an extended amount of time or has been having intimate relations continuously or intermittently for an extended amount of time) the pressure from the prostate on the testicles becomes very, sometimes unbearably, uncomfortable.

Have you heard of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia ?   With time this can cause the following symptoms:

  • constant painful ejaculation
  • an inflamed, infected, swollen prostate gland
  • painful urination or dribbling, usually at night
  • leg pains
  •  lower back and pelvic pain
  • loss of sex drive
  • impotence




Gentlemen.  To prevent and treat the above symptoms do the following:

  • Exercise (men who exercise regularly are less likely to develop prostate problem
  • Eliminate antihistamines which are known to impair liver and prostate function
  • Avoid hard liquor, especially beer, sodas, red meats, spicy foods, caffeine, tobacco, fried foods and refined foods
  • Drink water
  • Eat green salads and dark green vegetables, fresh fruits and pumpkin seeds

And of course,  feed the prostate nourishing and anti-inflammatory herbs.  I’ve recommended to patients and clients the following combination:

Click on each supplement for these and more information.  The cells of the body regenerate every 90 days.  For this reason I recommend using the above program for minimum 3 months. What to expect in the first two weeks? Symptoms of prostate discomfort and pain subside, urination returns to a normal flow, erections are stronger, and libido (sex drive) increases.


Call Dr. Julissa today at 212.923.6366 and make an appointment to discuss this and other health issues. She is available for in-office appointments, via phone consultations and video Skype consultations.

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