11 Main Causes of Varicose Veins And How To Treat Them Naturally


Varicose veins are ugly.  And those that are dealing with varicose veins feel pain at times.  Most people think that this is just a simple circulatory weakness but they are the result of leaky valves. Symptoms include leg and ankle swelling, cramping, heaviness, and unexplained severe fatigue. When there is a vein valve that does not function well because of a defect in the vein wall that dilates the vein, a varicose vein develops. Blood pressure rises and causes bulging when a valve does not function.

Now, most of the women on my mother’s side of the family have varicose veins. And no, this does not mean I am doomed to suffer from them also. I chose to look into my family’s genetic history whilst I began my studies 24 years ago in Alternative Medicine, Holistic Medicine, and Naturopathy.  I immediately learned how to prevent these genetic ailments in myself and others, and also learned how to treat those genetic tendencies in those suffering with varicose veins to help the body carry out its innate ability of healing itself. Remember you have a choice to either focus on your family’s tendency for certain health challenges and take them on yourself, or, you can choose to Prevent disease.

With that said, let’s move on to other types of varicose veins…


Vasculitis is an inflammation of the veins. Weak vein walls and advanced age that brings on loss of muscle and tissue tone, increases the fragility of veins to cause vasculitis. Women are affected with this condition 4 times as much as men. Spider veins are thinner, purple and have the appearance of red lines. These may appear on thighs, of course, lower legs below the knees, face and even on the upper arms.

How do you know if you have varicose veins? Check for painful legs and leg veins, swollen, distended legs, stiff, heavy, tight feelings in the legs, and legs that ‘fall asleep’ producing a feeling of tingling, pins and needles, and numbness.

What are the 11 main causes of varicose veins?

  1. A diet high in red meat
  2. Low fiber intake
  3. A diet low in true nutrients (weak vascular walls as a result of weak connective tissue are due to lack of vitamins A, C, E, and a lack of essential fatty acids (EFAs) also
  4. Dairy foods
  5. Fried foods
  6. Constipation
  7. Overweight/Obesity
  8. Sitting for long periods of time (impedes proper vein circulation)
  9. Standing for long periods of time (impedes proper vein circulation)
  10. Heavy lifting (exercise is necessary, just be cautious of overdoing it with heavy weights training)
  11. Bad/poor posture

Invasive therapies do not resolve the root cause of varicose veins. We must work internally and help the body heal by feeding it properly with plants, herbal nutrients, and fresh foods.

Tip: Eat A More Vegetarian Diet. I can’t stress this enough. Varicose veins are rarely seen in countries and cultures where people eat high in fiber.

  • Eat more dark green vegetables. They promote circulation.
  • Spend 24 hours every month on liquids, healthy of course, to help decongest the circulatory system and give the digestive system a break.
  • Yes I’ll say again, eat more vegetables.
  • Eat more red and blue fruits. Berries such as cherries and blueberries should be purchased frozen organic so as not to increase candida yeast (a contributor to fatigue).
  • Eat more whole grains, brown rice, and fish which are natural sources of EFAs (essential fatty acids).  Consuming fried fish is not recommended.


What exercises and activities are best for those that suffer with varicose veins?  Swimming is great for the legs. Dance more like the amazing Tina Turner and walk around the house on your tip toes!

To correct vein wall damage, reduce pain, inflammation, heaviness, and slim down legs and the body overall by strengthening vein tone, fragility, and circulation, use the following combined natural therapies: (Changes are noticeable in the first two weeks. Use for minimum 90 days)





Now get ready to feel confident about showing off those legs!

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