17 Signs That Indicate You Need A Liver Cleanse

Anterior view of the liver, an accessory organ...

The liver is the filter of blood, the filter of fat and the filter of hormones. it is known as one of the most vital organs of the body. And did you know that your liver is the most important organ of detoxification also? Our lives depend on a healthy liver. Period. And it is extremely that important that we maintain it clean. Again, the health of your entire body is in reality determined by the health of your liver. Digestion would be absolutely impossible without the liver and food nutrients are brought into living cells. If this does not happen our energy would be non-existent.

If the liver is overloaded, toxic, and exhausted, one can’t perform simple vital functions well. In the US, the staple diet high in calories, alcohol sugar and fat, has the large majority of people suffering with liver malfunction. And even if your liver is healthy, it is crucial to maintain it fortified so it can handle exposure to drugs, toxic chemicals, GMO’s, solvents, food chemicals, pesticides and food additives.

So how do we know if your body is showing signs that it needs a liver cleanse? Here are 17 signs:

  1. A distended stomach (tends to hang over the belt of waist area of clothing) even if the rest of the body is thin
  2. Mental blocks, mental confusion
  3. Sluggish bowel movements, general constipation alternating to diarrhea
  4. Food and chemical sensitivities, usually accompanied by poor digestion and sometimes unexplained nausea
  5. PMS, headaches and other menstrual difficulties
  6. Bags under the eyes
  7. Yellowish tone of the skin and or liver spots on the skin
  8. Poor hair texture and slow hair growth
  9. Skin itching and irritations
  10. Anemia
  11. Large bruise patches indicate severe liver exhaustions
  12. Unexplained fatigue
  13. Depression or lethargy (the feeling that you’re dragging your body)
  14. Lack of energy
  15. Numerous allergy reactions
  16. Unexplained weight gain
  17. Cellulite appearance even if you are thin

What to do to start cleansing that liver?

Just eliminating these foods won’t do it, yet it sure as heck is a place to start! Eliminate:  red meats, partially hydrogenated fats and oils (except for essential fatty acids), refined sugars, food preservatives and food dyes.

Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water a day. The liver regenerates every three to four months. Eat dark green leafy vegetables every day. Rest the body during a liver cleanse because the liver does some of its most important work while you sleep!
My recommendation is to do the following every 6 months, twice a year, in spring and fall.
Relieve your liver of toxic build-up and strain by eliminating waste with the following natural therapies combined:




2 responses to “17 Signs That Indicate You Need A Liver Cleanse

  1. Which of the three it would be the best to start with, for a person with high cholesterol. Thx

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