19 Symptoms That Indicate Your Adrenals Need Support


Newly updated August 2, 2016

This gland is your gland, this gland is my gland.

Endocrine glands secrete hormones into the bloodstream. These chemical messengers have specialized tasks in the body and control a myriad of bodily functions, including sleep, growth, sexual development, metabolism, tissue repair and more. Glands can become weakened by stress, a poor diet, chemicals in our food and air, and many other factors. Such weakness can manifest as low energy, low sexual desire and other imbalances.

Facts about the glandular system, especially, your adrenal glands:

  1. The adrenal glands, two of the most important glands in our body, are the size of grapes.
  2. The adrenal glands can be weakened by physical and environmental stressors.
  3. Weak adrenal glands are often a cause of low sex drive (low libido) and insomnia.
  4. The glandular system relies on trace minerals for specific nutrition, but food processing often eliminates them from our diet.

How do you know if your adrenal glands need support? Do you have:

  1. constant fatigue?
  2. low blood pressure?
  3. hard, pebble-like stools or constipation?
  4. unusually low sex drive?
  5. craving for salt or salty foods?
  6. mood swings, especially anxiety, panic, or phobia?
  7. feeling colder than those around you?
  8. problems with memory, focus or concentration?
  9. chronic pain in the lower neck and upper back?
  10. nervousness?
  11. inability to concentrate and or confusion?
  12. drinking caffeinated beverages on a daily basis?
  13. extreme sensitivity to odors and/or noises?
  14. lack of the sensation of fullness after eating?
  15. aches and pains of limbs, unrelated to exertion?
  16. mood swings?
  17. vulnerability to food reactions/allergies?
  18. abdominal fat, love handles, a pot belly, etc.?
  19. feelings of apathy? (Feeling that you are not good enough?  Feel like not doing much of anything? Feel like you can’t do things? Feel as though there is no point in doing most things?)

If you answered yes to 4 (four) or more on this list, it may be time to consider using a natural therapy to build the adrenal glands.  If 6 (six) or more items are checked, your adrenal health is likely poor and now is the time to start taking a natural therapy to support your adrenal glands.  Glandular supplements and adrenal supplements help improve overall glandular system health.

Help your adrenal glands and glandular system reach optimum health with the following supplement I recommend:

The Glandular System pack
This pack provides comprehensive support for the glandular system. It contains cello packets with the following supplements:

Master Gland Formula®
Provides vitamins and herbal nutrients to nourish all of the glands of the body.

Helps the body cope with stressful conditions. Supports positive mood and promotes energy.

Adrenal Support
Helps maintain normal adrenal function. Supports the body’s ability to manage stress.

Each packet of the The Glandular System pack contains 1 Master Gland Formula capsule, 2 AdaptaMax capsules and 1 Adrenal Support capsule.

Start your path to a healthier glandular system.


Call Dr. Julissa today at 212.923.6366 and make an appointment to discuss this and other health issues. She is available for in-office appointments, via phone consultations and video Skype consultations.

16 responses to “19 Symptoms That Indicate Your Adrenals Need Support

  1. Caesar Miramontes

    awesome explanation of the adrenal glands function and the awesome recommendation of Glandular System Pack.

  2. I can answer yes to alot of those:(

  3. How long should someone take these supplements for glandular health?

  4. What is a healthy diet plan to help with menopaus i am at maryakrd@yahoo.com

  5. This is some very good and helpful information. Where can this be purchased from? I will be looking for it because I met quite a few of the above. Thank you so mich for sharing.

  6. What herbs are in these pills?

  7. Adella Frazier-Bey

    I can not believe how many of the items on the test affected me. All but maybe 3 items that did not impact my health! Needless to say; I will be calling Dr.Julissa!!

  8. Artresa Franklin

    I believe this is what I’m suffering from I was begining to think I was crazy,no doctor could tell me what was wrong. How do I order this package that gets my glands back on track.

  9. Suzette Ferguson

    How can I purchase a glandular system pack, and how much?

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