Uterine Fibroids: Preventing, Shrinking & Avoiding Surgery


Latest statistics, January 19, 2016:

  • 70% to 80% of American women will develop uterine fibroids by age 50

Most women with uterine fibroids suffer severe discomfort, distended bellies, pain, and excessive bleeding. And the proposal of surgery by most of their allopathic doctors is all too common.  But some have figured out another option in using alternative methods to help the body heal, shrink  fibroids, and avoid surgery all together…

It’s something many  women can not conceive. They say to themselves, “It’s genetic. My mother, aunts, and sister have them, so I was bound to develop them also…”. Please know that we are not doomed to suffer the same ailments, conditions and diseases our family suffers or suffered. If the body is fed what it needs, it knows how to heal itself.

I’ve updated this article with the following recent statistics:

-Fibroids are the number 1 reason for hysterectomy in the US (The National Women’s Health Information Center, CDC).

-Fibroids result in 150,000-175,000 hysterectomies in the US (The National Women’s Health Information Center, CDC).

-Prevalance of Uterine Fibroids: 10-20% women (NWHIC)

-Prevalance Rate: approx 1 in 20 or 5.00% or 13.6 million people in USA.

In a recent US study by BioMed Central Women’s Health, with randomly selected women between 35 to 49 in reports, medical records and sonography, the incidence of uterine fibroids by age 35 was 60% among African-American women, increasing to greater than 80% by age 50, whereas Caucasian women showed an incidence of 40% by age 35, and almost 70% by age 50.

When it comes to uterine fibroids, it is crucial to understand they can be prevented. There are ways to shrink them naturally and avoid surgery. But how can we do any of this if most times women don’t know they are ‘feeding‘ their fibroids?

If you have fibroids and drink and eat:




-TEAS/ICE TEAS (except Green Tea and White Tea is recommended for healing)


… then you may be ‘feeding’ your fibroids. Instead of helping your body shrink them, they may grow larger. In my practice these are the first foods I recommend be eliminated from the diet.

Estrogen dominance and an overloaded liver are some causes for uterine fibroid risk, and the above list of foods cause more hormonal imbalance. Even organic versions or decaffeinated versions of the above foods should be avoided. What we eat determines whether we put ourselves at risk for fibroids. Period.  This is such a valid point, that an Italian scientist in studies showed women who eat plenty of vegetables cut their fibroid risk in half, while women who eat red meat double their risk!

In continuing the discussion regarding foods, there is a controversy regarding soy.  The following is very important to understand: Soybeans contain the compounds genistein and daidzein, which are estrogenic and reduce the risk of  breast cancer as well as reduce hot  flashes and other types of menopausal discomfort.  If they reduce the risk of cancer, then the thought of them causing fibroids is not true.

The type of estrogens that are harmful to a woman’s health are xenoestrogensThis type of xenohormone imitates estrogen.  These estrogens are foreign to the human body and the bad news is that xenoestrogens are not only in plastics and styrofoam, but its in the hormones the stockmen and farmers use to fatten up their animals for market – beef, chicken, turkey, pork These xenoestrogens put you at risk of estrogen dominance, and in turn make a woman more prone to developing abnormal cell growth, or ‘feeding’ abnormal cells.

With that said, studies also show uterine fibroids to be more common than blue eyes. They are painful and cause excessive menstrual bleeding. Another recommendation I make to clients and patients is I tell them, “Do not wear tampons”. Your body does NOT eliminate monthly menstrual waste properly if something is obstructing the vaginal tract.  And Ladies, a tampon can never absorb a menstrual blood clot. It is necessary to avoid the chlorine and other chemicals traditional pads are laced with so as not to suffer heavy menstrual bleeding,  itching, odor, and vaginal discomfort in the form of discharge all in part due to the interaction of these chemicals with your body chemistry.  The body can not heal itself, or shrink the fibroids naturally, if waste is constantly staying within the body and being reabsorbed because of the use of tampons instead of maxipads.
The following recommended natural therapy should be used for minimum 6-8 weeks (depending on the severity and size of fibroids) to help the body shrink fibroids, promote hormonal balance, reduce heavy menstrual bleeding, decrease inflammation and pain, and stabilize mood:

Ladies, studies show 2/3 of hysterectomies are unnecessary.  Also, according to The Lancet, a myomectomy carries a high risk of adhesion formation (up to 60%) and uterine rupture, especially after laparascopic resection.  And, according to Obstetrics and Gynecology International, Uterine Artery Embolisation (UAE), one of the newest methods used to remove fibroids, is now showing superior risk compared to hysterectomy.

Follow the recommendations in this article. Prevent surgery as so many others have…


Call our offices, The Natural Health Centers Inc., at 212.923.6366. Schedule an appointment today with Dr. Julissa to discuss this and other health issues.

61 responses to “Uterine Fibroids: Preventing, Shrinking & Avoiding Surgery

  1. Michelle rivera

    You would recommend all products at the same time as a cleanse? Or one of them?
    It was recommended to me to use lupron to make the fibroids smaller and later surgery. I would prefer to not have surgery or take medicine that could later bring about other medical issues.

    • Hello Michelle, I feel your concern about harmful side effects from lupron, and understand. I recommend the combined herbal therapy program, then checking via a sonogram every 90 days to 6 months to confirm how much smaller the fibroids have became, or if they are still present. Continue until needed. Do make the recommended diet changes also. If you have further questions, please know I am at your service. You may call my office. My receptionists are available to you 24 hours a day. 212.923.6366. Health to you and yours, Dr. J

  2. My name is Surinder I am from India ,I am 29 I have many uterine fibroids in uterine wall ,it’s size 10 mm I want to heal them please help me I am just married

    • Hello!

      We hope this message finds you well! Thank you for your query and patience as we receive numerous messages.

      In regards to your health question, we feel it best to receive an answer personally from Dr. Julissa. Call our office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and speak with a Live receptionist to schedule with Dr. Julissa an in-office appointment in one of our US offices or international office locations, or for a phone, Skype, or Facebook Messenger video consultation: 212.923.6366.

      We look forward to hearing from you and in supporting you on your health journey!

      -The Natural Health Center Inc. Staff

      (Do not reply via Blog.)

  3. Will this therapy help with Cystic breast, and also whats a daily good vitamin to take in addition to the therapy? Or is it not needed?

    • A wonderful question, Tiffany. I recommend using the natural therapies I recommend in my article on Breast Cancer. These are what I recommend for Fibrocystic Breasts. For a multi vitamin supplement that is right for you, I recommend searching the various ones I use with patients by clicking the Herbs and Supplements page of this site. Infinite blessings of health to you and yours, ~Dr. J

  4. Im going to try what you listed for uterine fibroids. My question is along with the therapy you recommended, what will be a good multivitamin to take as well and also would this same therapy work for breast cyst?

  5. Hello, Dr. Julissa! Thank you so much for this post. I’ve been suffering with fibroids for years now, and I am trying to be more proactive about my healing journey. I’m on-board with shrinking the fibroids, to start, but what steps can be taken to naturally expel them from the body for good?

    • Hello Dear Chelle,

      It feel so good to see your message and feel your enthusiasm about taking your health into your own hands. The therapies I have recommended here have demonstrated marvelous success with shrinking uterine fibroids, and prevention of surgery/hysterectomy. If you desire, do call my office to speak to one of my receptionists so we may discuss personally. I would be honored to be a part of your healing health journey. 212-923-6366.

      Infinite blessings,

      ~Dr. J

  6. I have a 13cm fibroid, would these herbal medicines suit me or should i have the fibroid remove? Is there any way to shrink this very large fibroid? I don’t have any pains, just very heavy period for 3 days and clotting. I’ve noticed that the fibroid grew faster on the last 3-4 months being on paleo diet. I think the fibroid is causing infertility as we have been trying to concieve for years. Is there any program you can recommend before i decide to have it remove surgically?

    • Hello Teresa, I understand your discomfort and concern… Do find rhe recommended herbal therapy program in my article: Uterine Fibroids. It has helped many women with diminishing the size of fibroids to prevent surgery. Also, I discuss this in my book regarding fertility in even more detail. Get your copy today and allow me to be part of your healing fertility journey. As of today it has been a blessing to have thus far a 100% success rate wuth helping couples who have worked with me to conceive. For this reason I was asked to write this book for beautiful souls like you. Infinite blessings of health to you and yours~

  7. I have been advised hysterectomy as i have many fibroids -the largest one measuring 3.5″×2.5″
    I have slight abdominal discomfort with none of the other symptoms indicating fibroids.
    I am not convinced that i must undergo a hysterectomy
    I am confused

  8. Great article, thank you! Do the same recommendations apply for ovarian cysts?

    Thank you.

  9. Excellent post! We are linking to this great content on our site.
    Keep up the great writing.

  10. Dr. Julissa I just purchased the products and I know you stated to take all of these supplements together but the Tiao He Clease has the LBS II and Liver Balance in it also so I just want to make sure that I am not taking too much when I take them while I am doing the TIao He Cleanse. Please let me know, I want to start this as soon as possible.

    Thank so much!

  11. I’m currently following your cleansing and dietary restraints since the beginning of the year for my fibroids. My question is your non-meat/dairy diet is that NONE or would organic meat/dairy be acceptable? I find that I’m learning to make things that are suitable but would be more palatable with a little REAL cheese. Thank you, OBVIOUS CHEESE FIEND.

  12. Great article! Are the supplements safe to take for nursing mothers?

  13. Hello heavy periods and now my period stopped after one week and has returned very light but I have to wear a pad in case of an accident at work. What should I do the doctor said I have some fibroids nothing to worry about none big but my flow is heavy as hell.

    • Hello Samantha. Consider strengthening the thyroid as I have found that some even slight low thyroid challenges that dont come up in testing are usually a large cause of heavy bleeding. Read the article on Low Thyroid and use the recommendations for shrinking fibroids. Let me know your results;) ~Dr. J

  14. Dr. Julissa, I have had fibroids for a few years now and have suffered with the heavy bleeding as well. My doctor has suggested the dreaded surgery mentioned. My question is would I purchase the supplements that you listed from a health food store or from your web site? Also, would these supplements be the cure all for the fibroids along with a healthy & balanced diet? I look 4ward 2 hearing back from u.

  15. Katacha millington

    Hi Dr julissa i have fibriods i can’t deal with the heavy bleeding and pain no more. The first five days of my period its so heavy i can’t leave my house.my doctor want me to do surgery but I’m so scared can u please help me

  16. Hello,

    Your article is extremely helpful. How should I take the herbal supplements?

  17. hello dr julissia, iam so happy to be back in touch with you I love it when you was on Michael baisden show but my question is I have fibroids and had the surgery call fibroid untelization first then the ballon therapy because the bleeding got severe again after a year of the fibroid untelization the bleeding stop but the pain was a pain that felt like I could dye on site so is there anything for the relief of the severe pain I still experience at times


  19. I have had fibroids for years now. They started growing after my first child which was 23 years ago…My doctors never really stressed surgery, because they didn’t cause me any pain. It does cause me to be heavy on the first day of menstrual, and I dread it so especially when Im at work. I have to wear at least 3 pads, but it only does that for a day. I am going to try your remedy for shrinking, and I will let you know how it turns out. I have been looking and searching for information on this for a long time, and your article is just what I needed. Its time for a life style change for me anyway, I’m 45 years old and need to getting in the best of Health… Thank you

  20. I just had the surgery to have my fibroids removed via the methods listed in the article. I had thirteen fibroids removed because I was interested in having more children . What is the number of women who have had successful pregnancies after this type of surgery? This article is informative but it has also scared me a little. I will definitely use alternatives methods to shrink if they return.

  21. Very,very,very nlighting We as African Americans do not receive or understand a lot of information about our body’s until it occur major issues or break down. Unlike other women were so busy taking care of everyone else we ignore the signs of our body. This is an eye opener for me. Thanks so much for this Info. For I’m now going to pay attention and research all the small signs that we would normal do.
    Thanks Again.

  22. Hi Dr. Julissa,
    I find all research on fibroids particularly odd considering I was pretty much a vegan when I discovered I had them. It doesn’t make sense how I got them since I wasn’t eating meat, and very rarely ate soy products. My severe blood loss led to me being anemic and I just recently began eating me again as I was experiencing dizzy spells, hair loss, etc. and iron pills weren’t correcting the problem (nor the “iron rich” diet I had of a vegetarian). I’m still confused with how I had optimal health two years ago, and now have this. Needless to say since resorting to chicken/turkey/seafood I’m no longer anemic and the dizzy spells and hair loss are things of the past. How do you cleanse, avoid anemia, not eat meat and shrink a fibroid at the same time?

    • Hi Djohnson. This is achieved by eating healthy organic dark green vegetables, eating fish ( if you do so), or other fruits and vegetables as beets. Remember herbs and roots are food for the body, and in this way help cleanse, build the blood to recover from anemia, and help the body shrink abnormal cells in the natural process of healing itself.

  23. You can also add therapies like Lymphatic Drainage and The BodyTalk System. I have been using them both for nearly 12 years to assist my clients with this problem

  24. Dr. Julissa, I’m a 40 yr old female. I had a myomectomy about 4 yrs ago. The Doctor couldn’t remove all the fibroids. My symptoms back then was just really excessive bleeding and anemia. I also had Endometriosis which consumed one of my ovaries and was remove. I had a ultrasound last week and the Doctor found more fibroids. One at 5 cm located on the outside of the uterine wall. This go around my symptoms are more painful, lower back pain, cramps, bloated, excessive bleeding, and migraines. I don’t have any children and do not wish to have another surgery. My question is the Tiao He Cleanse has LBS II in it. You want us to take additional LBS II. The Tiao He Cleanse have you taken 12 tablets a day are there any substitute.

  25. Can’t thank you enough for this post Dr. Julissa! I was diagnosed with Fibroids a year ago, there were 3 then, now an additional 3 have surfaced. I have always had a history of painful and heavy periods as well as excruciating ovulation. In the past year the pain has become increasingly worse- sudden intense, sharp, stabbing, pain that comes and goes. I am concerned and desperate to find alternatives vs. what I consider Western Medicines quick fix -to remove the uteri of the majority of Black women. I have switched Dr.’s several times (and still looking for one that can speak to nutrition and fibroids–not just surgical options). For now, I am taking heed of your suggestions and will be making radical changes to my diet starting today. Thanks again for all you do to promote awareness. We truly need to have a educational and support network for those suffering. Far too many are enduring silently!!! Let’s Talk Dr. Julissa!! (I would like to speak with you or stay in touch with you if possible as I have some additional questions, in confidence.

  26. Thank you, for the fruitful article. Last year I was told by my doctor, I have uterin fibroid For some reason my stomach was becoming extremely big and I couldn’t understand why. The only thing I could think of was because I vlike to eat, then my periods were long an losing excessive blood and even passing out and vomiting alot. Come to find out my blood count was very low, so my doctor in turned said, I had to have a blood trans. My tumor is the size of being four months pregnant. Do you think the routine you’re suggesting would work on someone such as myself? Please help Please, hep….myself?

  27. As 56 year old that has gotten my uterus removed because of fibroid tumors in 1999, I enjoyed not having a menstrual period and was able to move on in life much more easier than having to think about female personal issues! As a Songwriter/Singer/Musician/Entertainer, I embrace what God has taken as a burden to me and let go of whatever ignorances! My fibroids were never painful and I did not know I had fibroids for quite some time, but did experience the excessive bleedings daily and for times as long as 30 or more days including bloodclots that were much more in quantity than all of my three children’s deliveries and afterbirths! I thank God to be able to be physical and active at age 56 and hope that others who get their uterus remove understand it can never be reversed! After having three children and in my forties, and also having my tubes tied after the third child, allowed me to make the decision of taking my fibroid infested uterus out of me as the one and only shot to shrink them, the needle was extremely long and had me really cry like a baby not wanting to get any shots! Hip or no hip! The sight of the needle scared me as a forty-something year old person! I did take the shot and the fibroids shranked somewhat! But not enough to keep getting injected in my hips! I did the lesser of two evils! Thanks be to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirits and the people who did the surgery on me! The medical staff’s photos are on my Facebook Photo Page! I’m glad to be able to share my fibroid tumor experience! Smiles

  28. add moringa to your diet as well, this miracle tree reduces all cancerous or abnormal growth gives a natural feeling energy boost way better than coffee & I notice mental sharpness. google it & learn more or go to treelions on facebook and inquire they have organic pure source in raw form or powdehttps://www.facebook.com/treelion.rasta?fref=ts

  29. Modupe AKANBI

    thanks so much for the enlightened post. I had a surgery two years ago,I almost did,had an infection that lead to my navel opening.
    I had a post scan and 3 fibroids were sighted. pls what supplement can I take to help shrink them? pls how do I get the ones not recommended?
    I live in Nigeria. thanking you in advance for your kind help.

  30. TrueLifeDiva Sparkles and Shines

    Reblogged this on DivaWorld and commented:
    Food for thought…

  31. blutifulsigma

    Hello Dr. Julissa,

    Thank you for providing this information. I just seen this article on Michael Baisden’s facebook page, and had to read it. I got an ultra sound done a couple of weeks ago and found out I have three fibroids, one that is larger than the others. I go for a follow-up soon but I really have surgery on the back of my mind. I am def. going to try two of the programs you listed. I see the list of not to eats that you provided so I am defintely trying to think of alternative dishes for me to make. I love chicken and turkey burger. I can do without beef. I will let you know once I purchase and start taking these products. Thanks again!!

  32. Hi friends,
    Thanks for sharing this information which i was looking for since many days and finally got it from this site.
    Keep on sharing new information..more and more..

  33. We could not go away from your site ahead of informing you that we genuinely love the facts you offer.

  34. That i visit your website everyday to learn completely new themes.

  35. I was reading this article on natural ways to shrink fibroids and I’m very interested in trying these products. I checked the website to read more about them, but I don’t understand, how is the chinese postive pack used and the Thai-Go, which would you suggest, the capsules or the liquid drink? Please help.

    Thank you,

    • Hello Janine,

      I understand your question. The combination of both programs are what I’ve seen have produced the best results in my patients and clients. Since I’ve noticed most women with fibroids have a weak circulatory system (whether it’s varicose veins, spider veins, numbness, tingliness in hands and feet, irregular palpitations, rapid heart beats) it is necessary to strengthen here as well. To shrink fibroids, we must have good blood flow along w/ balancing hormones. The Chinese herbs bring balance and the Thaigo stimulates circulatory system, cardiovascular health.
      Let me know your results after the first 30 days. I will be in direct contact with you.
      Dr. Julissa

      • Thank you for your response, I really appreciate it. But I have so many questions regarding this, being that I don’t have the normal symptoms associated with fibroids. I don’t have the heavy bleeding for days on end, I really don’t suffer from the excruciating pain, each month varies for me, from no pain at to moderate discomfort. But I do have a very enlarged uterus and a village of blood suckers that I can feel moving from time to time and burning sensation.
        Surgery has been an option for some time, but I have kept it far in the back of my mind, until recently, when I came across this alternative method again. So I guess my question for now is, if I am to avoid the foods that were mentioned in the article, what can I substitute them for? I’m a tea drinker (herbal), but find myself consuming coffee daily at work, what should I have instead? Is turkey a better option over chicken and what else? I really want as much information as possible to help me with this.

        Thank you again,

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