Herpes. Do You Know Everything You Need To Know?

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are way too common. And did you know that every year, as reported in the Huffington Post, 19 MILLION NEW CASES are reported in the US alone?  With time, STDs can cause you to become infertile or develop cancer of the reproductive system if nothing is done to treat them.

And as far as STD’s go, one of the most common is HERPES.  Herpes is scary.  Over 80% of the population that has it is unaware of it. And the infection can spread from person to person even without feeling any of the typical symptoms, or seeing any visible symptoms. But some people have figured out, regardless of what conventional chemical medicine says, that if you feed the body what it is missing, it can fight against viral invasion.

Before we talk about how to fight herpes, here are the latest 2012 Herpes statistics.  All statistics below are based on Americans 14-49 years old:

  • All: 16.2% (over 25 million; 1 out of 6) have genital herpes
  • (Note: 80% of all Americans have oral herpes)
  • Women: 20.9% of women have genital herpes
  • Men: 11.5% of men have genital herpes
  • Blacks: 39.2% of black Americans have genital herpes (48% of black women!)
  • Whites: 12.3% of white Americans have genital herpes
  • 80% of Americans with genital herpes (HSV-2) are unaware of their infection (which is why it’s important for everyone to specifically request the herpes blood test with their STD screening) . There is a definitive test called the IgG that looks for antibodies in the blood that would be present to specifically combat the herpes virus. This test can tell you which type of herpes you have, whether HSV1 or HSV2.  Either can show up on either the lips or genitalia, but 1 prefers oral and 2 prefers the genitals.
  • Up to 50% of new genital herpes infections are caused by HSV-1, mainly through cases of oral herpes being passed through oral sex

So how many types of Herpes are there?  There are two types of herpes, HSV 1 and HSV 2. But they’re just two strains to the same herpes virus. One strain has no stigma whatsoever and the other has entirely too much.

Oral herpes is known as the following:

mouth sores, “cold sores” or mouth herpes

  • HSV1 (or HSV-1)
  • Herpes simplex virus 1
  • Herpes type 1
  • Herpes A

Oral herpes/mouth sores is known as the common cold sore.  They are caused by HSV1 virus and are extremely contagious.   You can become infected by sharing eating utensils, kissing, towels, and drinking glasses.  80% of Americans have oral herpes, so there’s a clear lack of stigma.  HSV1 prefers to be in the drier mucous membrane of the outer mouth.  Mouth sores will show up about 20 days after the person has been exposed, and they show up as a series of red, pus-filled, painful bumps on the chin, nose or lips.  There is usually a sore also in the inside of the mouth.  Fevers and flu like symptoms that accompany the sores or bumps are not unusual.   The symptoms last about 2 weeks, the first week of oozing and severe pain, followed by a week where a scab forms and eventually falls off.  It can still show up on the genitals (if oral sex is given during an outbreak, for example).

After a fever or illness,  fever blisters or canker sores occur and are usually triggered by specific food allergies.  Food that cause these are high in gluten and arginine.  Iron and B-vitamin deficiencies are causes as well, and even toothpaste with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.  These blisters and sores appear on the gums, inside the cheeks, or on the tongue and are grayish or yellowish.  Women experience canker sores most often because of PMS and hormonal imbalances.  Emotional stress and Crohn’s disease, from nutrient deficiency,  can also be causes.

Genital herpes is known as the following:

  • penis herpes or vagina herpes
  • HSV2 (or HSV-2)
  • Herpes simplex virus 2
  • Herpes type 2
  • Herpes B


Genital herpes has way too much stigma. 16% of Americans have genital herpes (1 out of 6). What shows up on people’s lips without a stigma is the same that shows up on the genitals with a stigma. Genital herpes can show up on the mouth, but is much less likely because HSV2 prefers to be in the warm, moist environment of the genitals.

This is the most widespread of all STD’s.  Even at birth, babies can pick up the virus risking blindness, brain damage, and even death.  Men tend to be more susceptible to recurrences than women, although studies show women are more likely to be infected.  Transmission is done through oral sex, intercourse, kissing, and even skin discharges.   What are outbreak triggers?  Poor diet (usually from excess levels of arginine in the body), food allergies, emotional anxiety, alcohol, drugs, sunburn, hormonal imbalances related to the menstrual cycle, a cold, and fever.

The first herpes outbreak is usually the worst most potent one.  Fever tends to set in accompanied by swollen glands.  All this because the immune system is rallying to fight the infection.  Sores, sometimes clear-fluid filled, or clusters of painful blisters above the buttocks, on buttocks, thighs and groin are accompanied by more fever, stiff neck, and headache, and swelling of groin lymph glands.  Patients describe feelings of also genital itch, the blisters of sores fester and swell, and shooting pains go through the legs and thighs.  Blisters burst or rupture in 1-4 days, then tend to slowly heal in 4-6 days.

I’m known to be blunt and direct.  And although some are not happy that I am so vocal about educating you in your options, please know I will always do everything in my power to do so.  Now, having said that.  Without being too technical with medical terminology, let’s use common sense…

I’ll ask this question:  Do you know anyone who has had the flu forever?  Well, do you?   Simply put, No.  Think about it.   Influenza (the flu) is a virus.   HPV (human papilloma virus)  is a virus.  And Herpes is a virus.  I believe I’ve made my point.  Just because there is no chemical pharmaceutical drug developed that cures the body of the herpes viruses, doesn’t mean something else can’t exist that can help the body heal itself from it.

Naturopathic Doctors/Holistic Practitioners, as myself, have, for quite some time now, used the following with patients and clients to help their bodies fight against viral presence.  In my years of naturopathic and holistic studies, this was passed on to me by my mentors:


SILVER SHIELD (15 bottles total)

SILVER SHIELD GEL (to apply externally to affected areas)


ST. JOHN’S WORT Time Release



Use all the supplements above combined for minimum 3-6 months.  Check your HSV1 and HSV2 blood test results and index numbers every 3 months until results show negative.  During this process, with a healthy whole food diet, reduced stress levels, and obviously WITHOUT re-exposing yourself to unprotected sex with a partner who has Herpes, as the body fights against viral presence there is a decrease in index numbers with each blood test.  Everyone is obviously different.  And the length of time needed to help the body fight against this virus is unique to each person.  Yet, the average time frame we have seen ranges from 3 months minimum to a maximum of 18 months for blood tests to show simply ‘exposure to’ HSV or negative for HSV.  Now, for a disease that so many have been living with for a long time, in many cases for years, I believe these few months of treatment are not long at all.   And yes. You do obtain a normal life again…

The body knows how to heal itself.   We just have to feed it what it is missing to do so.

To listen to one of my latest discussions on The Michael Baisden Show, ‘Natural Therapies for STD’s (Sexually Transmitted Diseases), click the You Tube Michael Baisden Show Rewind below!

Be Well, Family and Friends.

~Dr. Julissa

14 Comments on “Herpes. Do You Know Everything You Need To Know?

  1. Please tell me how to get these supplements so I can truly live again

    • Hello, Jeffery

      I feel your sadness and concern… Click on each link at the end of the article to obtain each supplement and more information. Please know I will do all in my power to help you be well~ My receptionists are available to you 24 hours a day to schedule an in office, phone, Skype, or Facebook Messenger video consult with me. 212.923.6366
      Looking forward to hearing from you and be part of your healing journey~ Blessings of health, ~Dr. Julissa

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  3. I went to my family doctor with complaint of a yeast infection. No exam was done. Doctor immediately said I had herpes , insisted I get tested. I have never even had a blister or an outbreak but agreed just to prove my doctor wrong. Test came back positive. He has me on accylovir 4 times a day. My mind is in a fog . How can this be with no signs and symptoms, not one. Can these daily supplements help me?

    • I understand your concern, Dana… However, you are of many who have shared with me they do not recall ever having symptoms of infection. The herbal therapy program I have combined here is specifically what I utilize with patients and clients, and have used for many years to help their bodies fight off viral presence. Use the combined therapy in faith. This is meant to feed your body what it is missing. Ask for blood work every 3 months until you are satisfied with negative results. Be well~

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  6. Recently, I had the HSV1 and HSV2 blood test done and the results read exposed to HSV2. My doctor explained that my body made antibodies against the virus, I believe the level count was 4.96. She further explained that I did not have the virus in my blood; however, I can still transmit the virus during sex; as it may lay dormant on the skin. In the past, I have experienced breakouts (last breakout was over a year now). I am currently taking the above prescribed regimen for the last 2 months. My question is will the regimen work in increasing my antibody production against the virus since my test results already read “exposed to”? Will applying Silver Shield Gel daily around the vagina eliminate the virus that may live on the skin or using it as a lubricant during sex decrease transmission? Is there a possibility the test will eventually go from “exposed” to “negative”? Can other natural remedies be taken simultaneously, for example, your skin cleanse or sexual health regimens? Thank you in advance for your time.

    • In answer to your first question, yes, the supplement natural therapy program will help Your body to fight off viral presence. I invite you to search the patent number on the supplement Silver Shield Gel to confirm for yourself the studies done regarding HSV virus and the qualities of the gel to kill parasites, fungus, bacteria, and virus. Yes. Many have experienced negative results when testing every 3 months while being consistent with the program. Other supplements can also be taken simultaneously. Let us know your results. And be well~

  7. Are you suppose to take all of that everyday for 3 to 18 months? Are you suppose to follow the directions on the bottle or do you have special instructions?

  8. Dr. Julissa, I am a 51 year old woman that has had Herpes for over 8 years, I have always kept hopeful that there would one day be a cure for Herpes. But I ran across this topic on your site a couple of months ago. I read every product that you have suggested to take. I am now going to take the steps to curing my body of the disease. It is so hurtful for me as a woman, before I can be monogamus in a relationship, I always have to inform my partner that I have Herpes. For eight years I have not been able to fully enjoy intamacy with a partner(if you know what I mean. I want to be able to enjoy intamacy to the fullest again. With all the products that you have mentioned above to be taken together, is it really possible for the test show a negative result

  9. Just to be clear, all the above listed supplements should be used EACH day as prescribed (though some are packets of supplements)? These supplements are all natural? Can they be taken w/meds that I take e.g. Norvasc, Nexium, acyclovir, Xyzal for allergies, B complex?

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