Acne: It’s Not Just for Teenagers Anymore…


Acne is unsightly.  It’s annoying, uncomfortable, and sometimes, even painful.  Teenagers, four out of five, develop acne as they are developing and enter puberty.  Adults unfortunately are showing  more and more acne problems today.

Now, did you know that not all pimples are acne?  Infection differentiates pimples from acne.  Acne bumps are infected and inflamed and are usually on the face, chest and back.  They tend to look red and flaky.  And the acne that itches, are filled with liquid, and these tend to scar. This is known as cystic acne .

Causes of acne in teenagers are:

  • hormonal imbalances  (associated with testosterone levels)
  • glandular imbalances of the pituitary gland

Causes of acne in adults are:

  • chronic stress (number one cause of men with acne)
  • hormonal imbalances (number one cause of women with acne)
  • for women, other causative factors include: pregnancy, some birth control pills, PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), and menstruation

Causes of acne in both teenagers and adults:

  • eating excess fatty foods
  • poor digestion
  • nutrient and mineral deficiencies, especially a zinc deficiency
  • constipation (many times from not drinking enough water also)
  • a congested liver
  • drug abuse (illegal)
  • genetic tendencies
  • lack of green vegetable in the diet (broccoli, spinach, etc.)
  • essential fatty acid (EFA) deficiency

Strangely enough, media reports show that acne is not triggered by food choices.   But the Western diet rich in overly processed foods and sugar now show in newer studies that they are partly to blame for acne.  When the body is saturated with sugar, the sugar saturated skin is prone to acne.  An excess of sugar increases the production of testosterone that then clogs pores and causes breakouts.  Blood sugar in the body multiplies by 5 by the time it reaches our skin.

When oil is blocked from reaching the skin’s surface, a comedone, or whitehead, can develop.

Open comedones, or blackheads, are what whiteheads turn into when they rupture and irritate after spreading under the skin, or after they reach the skin’s surface.

Friends, acne is not, as you have read here in this article, an external problem only.  So what makes people think that creams, lotions and gels alone are going to resolve the problem?  What can you deduct from everything I’ve said so far in this article?  That acne is caused by a body out of balance.  Acne is an internal problem.   The only way to overcome it is to help the body heal itself by feeding it what it is missing so it can come to balance once again.

Anything that has to do with the skin, has to do with the blood, and the filter of the blood is the liver.   As I mentioned above, one of the causes of acne is a congested liver.  The liver is the filter of fat and the filter of hormones.  Again, two other causes of acne are poor digestion, eating an excess of fatty foods, and of course, hormonal imbalances.  So, do we understand so far that cleansing the blood and  liver are necessary in helping the body overcome acne and heal from the inside out?  Excellent!

The following is a natural therapy combination I recommend to help reduce inflammation, reduce and prevent acne breakouts, relieve infection, and heal tissue and scars:




SILVER SHIELD GEL- apply morning and night

Foods that tend to trigger acne are:

  • sodas, carbonated beverages
  • fried foods
  • sugary foods
  • hard cheeses
  • dairy high in fat
  • white flour foods
  • chocolate
  • caffeine (coffee, teas, etc.)
  • peanut butter
  • eggplant
  • tomatoes
  • peppers
  • tobacco
  • foods with large amounts of additives

Reduce these foods:

  • citrus
  • eggs
  • wheat germ
  • shellfish
  • iodine rich foods such as kelp (this only affects some people)
  • salt
  • cheese

Beautiful, healthy skin starts from within…  Balance the body and it can be yours!

~Dr. Julissa

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