Menstrual Cramps, Tampons, HPV Risk, & More


TAMPON-USERS.  @K8ie121 commented, regarding the video, ‘Menstrual Cramps’ on my YouTube channel, Natural Health Matters TV:

‘I think I would rather have cramps than completely switch from tampons to pads.’

My answer:

‘I hear you, K8ie121… And yet, how very sad to hear this… I’ll be direct & blunt again, because Your health IS that important. It seems that it still is not understood that besides cramps, staphylococcal infections and more, the use of tampons is a strong predictor of high-risk HPV persistence (HPV,  Human papillomavirus, also known as Genital Warts – a sexually transmitted disease), and women who used sanitary napkins, exclusively, were 5 TIMES more likely to CLEAR their high-risk HPV infection compared w/ women who use tampons…

Didn’t think of all this? Read the study here in ‘Cancer Epidimiology, Biomarkers, & Prevention.’

Watch my YouTube video on Natural Health Matters TV to learn more about the main causes of menstrual cramps and recommendations to help overcome them:

Click the following links below to obtain and learn more regarding the natural therapy recommendations mentioned in the video:




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