‘In a spiritually sensitive culture…

‘In a spiritually sensitive culture, then, it might well be that age is something to be admired or envied.’ – Rowan D. Williams

One response to “‘In a spiritually sensitive culture…

  1. I really think that people put to much on the number and not how they feel I have this discussion with my friends all the time they always Tell me i am just trying to be young and i Tell them yes i am. I believe if You believe You are old well then You are our spirit does not age … Só as a man thinks in his heart só is he.. That’s why i try never to say the number because people judge you by it they think You are suppose to act a certain way when You reach a certain age. They think You should not have a desire to try and look your best or give up on wanting Love ..I say it not over until your You leave the earth.. I always feel it is a big fight and i hate talking about it all the time with them i feel like they always have to remind me how old I am lol and I want to remind them how young they are!

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