Pancreatic Cancer: A ‘Deep and Influential’ Disease

Dizzy Gillespie. Michael Landon. Patrick Swayze. Well-known men that died of Pancreatic Cancer. This type of cancer is in the class of organ cancers. Organ cancers are profoundly deep within the body, conventional medicine considers them difficult to deal with, and have a widespread influence on all body systems because they can metastasize very rapidly. For this reason, one must be aggressive with alternative healing/natural medicine protocols once it is found. Prevention, of course, is key. If there is a genetic tendency in which family members have suffered this disease, then you MUST PREVENT.





What causes the most risk of pancreatic cancer?

  • diabetes
  • obesity / being overweight
  • a high fat diet
  • pancreatitis
  • smoking
  • lack of exercise
  • cirrhosis of the liver

What symptoms alert us to pancreatic cancer?

  • The first is extreme fatigue/tiredness
  • Jaundice may also occur if the cancer develops near the bile duct also

When the cancer has reached an aggressive stage, then weight loss, abdominal discomfort and pain are signs the disease has metastasized. Recent reports show the highest incidence of pancreatic cancer is among  African Americans. As far as sex, the highest incidence in general is among Men.

Emotional link to this disease? In holistic medicine, we know that emotions affect the body physically. And there are specific emotions that affect specific organs and systems. The emotion of Grief is directly linked to the pancreas. Grief, sadness, and the feeling that something or someone is missing in that person’s life; this usually felt along with a deep unresolved longing cause the pancreas to become weak. If a negative emotion is held onto for a very long time, it can become the root to causing severe health problems within that organ later on. Alternative natural protocols: Chinese medicine should be considered in prevention and treatment of diseases as these. They balance the body emotionally and physically at the same time, and in this way, helping the body fight off illness and getting to the root of the disease. Western herbs don’t do it the same.

To prevent Cancer use preventative natural therapies as these:

The alternative natural healing protocol needed to help the body fight
pancreatic cancer (fight abnormal cancerous cells within the
, combine the following:

If undergoing conventional medical treatment with a doctor, these natural therapies in most cases can be taken along with medications or chemotherapy since these are specifically to feed and balance the body. Talk with your conventional doctor.

One must be diligent and consistent with natural therapies. Within a short time, the body feels more energy and vitality, a healthy appetite returns, digestion normalizes, and a healthy color returns to skin. And yes, abnormal cells may show a difference regarding signs of healing. The body shows results quickly. Why? Because the body knows how to heal itself. It just needs to be fed what it is missing to do so.

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