Alopecia: What’s happening here?

Good nutrition. Healthy blood circulation. These are what our hair depends on.

If you don’t eat enough protein, and eat too much sugary and salty foods, you’re not helping stimulate hair growth. These, obviously not good healthy nutrition, contribute to poor circulation which means poor oxygen to the scalp and poor blood circulation to the scalp.

For over 50% of females experiencing baldness, a main cause is glandular imbalance such as thyroid disease and hormonal imbalances such as an overproduction of male sex hormones from discontinuing birth control pills or shots, or postpartum hormonal changes. If the hair loss in a female is mainly above her temples, it may indicate a possible adrenal or ovarian cyst or tumor.

Male pattern baldness, predominant in caucasian men, affects over 62%. Severe hair loss may indicate an eminent early heart attack.

Other contributors are chemotherapy, prolonged stress, vitamin & mineral deficiencies, chronic anemia, seborrhea, dandruff (also caused by thyroid disease) and high cholesterol/high triglycerides.

Since so many factors may be involved in a single person’s hair loss, I’ve found the most effective program is a combination of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Western herbs. Use the following combined for minimum 3 months:




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